Drive-Thru Cat

The alarm went of the other morning and I was just lying there enjoying the sun.  As I pondered why I wasn’t still asleep, as there is usually a series of ‘snoozes’, I heard a meow.  It was not the usual meow of “Hey! I’m on the wrong side of the bedroom door and I know you’re up so get your butt out here and feed me because I have NEVER been this hungry before!”  It also was not the meow of “Mom! Mom! Mom! I brought you something that I just know you’re going to love and just so you know I killed it first!” 

Nope.  This was the meow of someone in distress. 

I evaluated where the meow was coming from because it sounded like it was right by my head.  Which just isn’t possible because a.) cats aren’t permitted in the bedroom at night and b.) the layout of the room wouldn’t allow for cats to be by my head.

So I got up.

I followed the cry and found my little girl, Chloe (who is strictly and indoor cat), at the bedroom window!  This is the bedroom window on the second floor.  And she was on the outside.  Evidently climbing up the roof (which does go all the way to the ground at one point…old houses are weird…) and wailing through the window was the best approach.  I opened the screen for her so she could come in. 

Poor Chloe was then faced with a big decision:  Come in the through the window and brave the world of Mabel (who had discovered this fabulous creature at the window) OR stay outside in the wild.  She did not choose the lesser of two evils and instead braved the attack of the Beagle. 

All is well now and she’s inside safe and sound.  But I couldn’t help but wonder if she was really just hoping to pick up her cat food at the window and keep moving. 


~ by zuzu on April 25, 2008.

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