Oh, My Mabel

Please, please, please bloggers: I am begging you all to pray, think, send good vibes…whatever positive thing you can do. My Mabel is in not good shape.

Yesterday afternoon she was hit by a truck. My poor husband watched it happen and then promptly sprung into ‘dad-mode’, didn’t panic and got her where she needed to be. 

She is breathing on her own, they don’t think there is any internal bleeding, and she’s pretty doped up.  Her back left leg though is destroyed.  Wade and I are currently faced with the decision to operate and fuse her leg back together or amputate.  We heard just now that her pelvis on her right side may be fractured as well. 

Any advice from the pet-people and the ‘I’ve been thru this’ people and anyone in general – please comment. 



~ by zuzu on May 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Oh, My Mabel”

  1. i will definitely keep mabel in my thoughts all day. what a relief that she is breathing on her own.

    i’m so glad wade was there when it happened! please please keep us posted.

  2. OH!! hugs to you all! Yes, it is so good that care was able to be delivered immediately but so sad it happened, poor little thing. Oh goodness, I promise to think happy healthy caring canine thoughts to do in honor of Mabel.

  3. Oh little Mable! I am sending good vibes and prayers her way. Please keep me up to date. I will email the Newfie listserve and see if they have any suggestions.


  4. I am so sorry to hear about Mabel and I will be thinking of her. All I can say is to stay calm and listen to her vet. He will know the best way to handle things. Keep us posted on her progress.

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