Stable Mabel


We waited in the morning for the vet to call.  When she did, it was to let us know that Mabel was still doing ok.  Stable Mabel.  She sensed that Mabel was in pain around her hips, so she wanted to do another x-ray.  I authorized and then we made an appointment to come up in the afternoon to see her and discuss our surgery options. 

The ride up had only one moment of me bursting into tears.  Mainly I was just nauseous.  We go there and they put us in a room so we could see her.  She was all doped up…or little pup high on morphine.  The vet was blunt.  She was not happy out the x-rays.  She pulled us in the back to show us. 

Mabel’s pelvis is shattered.  The unclear image that only a trained professional can read was crystal clear.  All those pieces were supposed to be together.  It was like a puzzle.  She explained that this meant lots of surgery, and we still needed to decide whether the left leg was staying or going. We decided to go the safe route.  If you can consider it safe.  We decided to keep her leg.  Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.  Plus keeping it will be less strain on her during the hip recovery. 

We left that night awaiting a call from the surgeon and trying to to second guess our choice.

Today (so far):

The surgeon just called.  He is kind and most importantly, conservative with surgery.  We had authorized a cat-scan so they could see the break better and this was very beneficial to our surgeon.  The good news was:  the hardest part of the pelvis to fix appeared to not be broken!  Phew. More good news: the ball joint that was shattered seemed fixable.  He is going to do what he can.  If not, he’s going to cut that part of.  Evidently she really doesn’t need it – she’ll create a new joint.  Ok.  Next – the left leg that we thought was separated at the hip may not be.  He’s going to play that on by ear, but he thinks that her ‘butt muscles’ can hold it in place while it heals.  Again, though, he has to wait until he actually sees it.  He fully supported our ‘keep the leg’ choice and told me he’d seen a lot worse. 

She’s spunky.  She’s young.  She’s small.  She’s lean.  She’s got a good shot here.

He left me with this:  “She’s got a big fan club here.  We’re all going to take care of her.”



~ by zuzu on May 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Stable Mabel”

  1. you’re having to make such tough decisions, but it sounds like you’re doing ok. she’s lucky to have such a great family! i hope she does well today.

  2. hey there Elizabeth! OMG I am sorry to hear about Mabel! You guys are in my thoughts I hope all is well!!

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