Putting her back together.

Mabel’s surgery went well.

The left hip was connected enough that the surgeon left it as is.  The right ball joint was in bad shape, but he did his best to piece it together with a metal plate and some screw.  He’s hopeful.  The left leg in question turns out to not be as bad as we initially thought.  It’s still horrible, but promising.

It is ‘degloved’.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  her foot bones are exposed, but the surgeon was able to put in some stitches and that may help encourage the remaining skin to heal back together.  Whatever the outcome, he confirmed our decision to keep the leg for now and it is reassuring to have that.

The vets have been so spectacular and she is in really great hands. 

We went to see her this morning and besides being ‘naked’ from the waist down, she looks good.  She was slightly perky – as perky as can be expected on a morphine drip.  She moving (not walking) a bit.  Despite the pain, she may actually be enjoying the luxury of the heated cage.  

They don’t expect that she’ll be coming home for several days, but as long as she’s moving forward, I’m ok with that.  I miss her. There is definitely a void here without her.  However we have seen much more of the cats the past couple of days.

Keep sending the good wishes.  I think they are helping her. 🙂


~ by zuzu on May 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Putting her back together.”

  1. i’m so glad surgery went well! how scary for her and you!
    i will definitely keep her in my thoughts while she heels. please post a picture of her homecoming for us!

  2. I thought about her all weekend. Was so glad to see your email this morning. Get well, baby Mabel!

  3. Yeah for the surgery! I will keep her in my thoughts!

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