Visiting Hours

The vet where Miss Mabel is currently residing has fabulous visiting hours (about 13 of the 24 hours is ours!).  When we go there, they bring her into a room with a blanket and we can stay until we want too.  Wade and I went to see her yesterday and, although the digital camera has died, I took some average photos with my phone.

Her fancy cast.  They change the artwork daily.  The day before this was tulips.


‘Oh, mom….why are you taking a picture of my bald bum??”  The black speckles on her hip are actually part of a medicine patch…it’s not a wound. See how she’s butt-sitter??

Forever bonded.  Wade saved her life.  Literally.  He held an artery closed during the trip to the vet.  Thank God for Wade. 

And the pathatic look of a pup who hates the cone head.  Poor thing. 

If her leg looks ok tomorrow, she can come home!!  She’ll have to go back every other day for a cast (and artwork) change though.  Surgery on the leg is still to be determined, but amputation is no longer a consideration!


~ by zuzu on May 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “Visiting Hours”

  1. i hope she can go home! she is so cute! so tiny…
    the part about wade holding her artery closed gave me chills. not everyone can do that.

    i’m so glad she’s mending so well!

  2. Hooray! She is a little trooper. And Wade – what a hero! I’m not sure I’d be able to do that.

  3. She’s so fancy! These pictures just melted my heart. I’m so glad she’s doing ok!

  4. Poor puppy! I’m glad she’s recovering. The cast with the purple stars is cute, it makes her look like a little sorceress.

  5. Oh, so sweet! So glad she is getting better!

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