Perhaps another?

Wish her luck – she’s having surgery again today to fix her ligament (the casted leg).  Her cast fell off in the night and I saw the wound for the first time.  I held myself together nicely, if I may say so myself.  Once again, Wade sprung into action and re-wrapped her foot (Vet. 3:30 AM…not so much).  But today should be it for surgery.  Fingers crossed…

Here’s another video of my superstar!

note the crossing of the legs at the end.  she’s such a lady!



~ by zuzu on May 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Perhaps another?”

  1. She is such a strong girl! I know the surgery will be fine and I’m thinking about her. xoxo

  2. did i hear a clicker? did she just pick up that two legged walking thing on her own. i’m seriously amazed and will probably watch the videos a few more times at work today!

  3. AWWW Mabel looks great! How DID she get up on two legs like that? Did she do it on her own?? I love the videos!!

  4. How precious!! I saw her cross her legs…a lady she is!

  5. OMG-that’s amazing!

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