Treatment Continues…For Me!

I’ve had two sessions for the treatment and, more importantly, curing of my emetophobia.  It’s been a fascinating experience so far.  The treatment is not what one would normally consider “therapy.”  It actually involves a lot of education:  what is a fear vs. anxiety vs. worry and why do we react the way we do.  Knowing WHY seems to have some impact on how I feel about the entire phobia. 

It comes down to Fight or Flight.  With a fear you immediately know – mind & body – that you are in danger.  Instinctively you make the decision to Fight or Flee.  With anxiety you brain consciously takes a role in this process.  Although one may not need to flee, when you have a phobia (at this point we don’t really care WHY you have the phobia) your brain starts to analyze the “dangers” that you perceive.  Naturally when you feel you are in danger, you flee. 

What my treatment comes down to is slowly being exposed to my fear and I’m not allowed to flee at any point.  By doing that, I’ll hit my most anxious point, start to be less anxious until my brain is reprogrammed to not find danger in the situations.

Of course, my phobia does have an interesting twist in that, really, who would enjoy vomiting or being vomited near?  No one, right?  So basically, I need to get to the point where I’m not on the verge of a panic attack when getting on a plane where someone may be motion sick or being near someone who says they’re not feeling well. 

I’m starting with baby steps:  Using slang terms for vomitting excessively (Wade is loving that!); watching videos (again, Wade = excited because we HAVE to watch Jackass this weekend); looking at photos; reading about it.  All of this currently gives me anxiety.  Writing this blog entry is giving me anxiety, but I need to work through it.  And I will work through it.  I’m so looking forward to the day when I don’t think about it at all and it isn’t a major part of my life.

What will that be like?



~ by zuzu on May 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “Treatment Continues…For Me!”

  1. is it helping to write about it on the blog? and also, is it just a people thing, or if your pets are sick do you get anxiety, too.

    i wish you the best with the sessions. i’m sorry you have to deal with this.

    i don’t think i know any slang words…..

  2. Ooo, Jackass!!!

  3. Someday this really will all be behind you… you’ll work through it.

  4. This IS fascinating and good to hear that therapy is going well. Good for you!

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