Hey there! I’m back!

I didn’t go too far, but I’ve just had no time to sit down and write.  Ok, maybe that’s not completely true.  I had 3 1/2 beautiful days off, but in front of the computer is not where I was.  Then back to work it was and the drama of last week has continued into this week.  Next Friday cannot come fast enough – then these people will be behind me and I can look forward to better clients. 

So I’ve been out of touch for a week…what has happened?

…I saw some very good friends on Friday night for an impromptu dinner.  That was lovely – good food, good wine, good friends and a beautiful view.  It was the first outside dinner of the season.

…Having not seen aforementioned friends for sometime, it was a bonus that we had already made plans for Saturday night.  All features of Friday were repeated except now we ate inside and I had my most favorite sushi.  Mmmmm.

…Wade and I spent Saturday afternoon with my my sister, et al.  We went to a dinosaur park and it was enjoyed by the nephews tremendously. 


Matthew & Evan checking out the “sea life.”  Two black snakes and a turtle.

Matthew would have climed the volcano if we let him.  Evan on the otherhand (not shown) was scared of the “malcano” “ruptin'”. 

Uncle Wade helps Matthew climb to the top! (That’s as far as they got)

Uncle Wade & Matthew wait for directions from Evan who is “spotting” dinosaurs on his map.

Yeah…he’s not mine.  Despite the hair. 🙂 And the temper.

…Take a good look at “Uncle Wade” with his beard.  It’s gone now! (Yay!)

…Mabel has been doing really well.  My goal was to get her to go up onto the porch by herself and it has been determined that bacon is the best physical therapy because it worked!  Now she’s a pro.  She’s walking more on 4 legs now, but the bum goes up in there air on a regular basis. It’s still very enjoyable.

…The belt on our riding mower broke so I decided to mow the lawn with a push mower.  Fabulous excerise!  And the lawn is beautiful if I may say so myself.

…We attended a BBQ for Memorial Day.  We met a whole bunch of new people and ate a whole bunch of great food.  Especially the fabulous mexican egg rolls and the gorganzola cole slaw. 

…I had another dog photo shoot!  Enjoy!

“What are we looking for?”
although not shown – Miss Mabel is sporting a turquoise cast this week.

“Lemme have a look!”

“No!  I’ll look.  I’m older.”

Now I shall be stealthy.  No one can see tiny me behind these leaves!”

“Who needs leaves when you can hide under your sister!”


~ by zuzu on May 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Hey there! I’m back!”

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  2. “Malcano ‘ruptin” — that’s too funny! Fortunately it looks like it’s only capable of minor lava flows at best …

  3. I have a serious crush on both boys. Evan for being such a well-spoken chatterbox and for taking my hand and leading me to the playground within five minutes of meeting him. And Matthew for that wonderful HAIR! They are such cuties. Thanks for connecting us!

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