Interment of the Gorilla

My 100th post was not that long ago and in that post I made mention of a memory of King Kong’s banana breath at Universal Studios (#21).   Oddly enough, about a week later, King Kong was mentioned again.  This in the context of my mom and my godmother remembering details of that fateful trip differently.  This was all sparked by the pictures of my nephews and the dinosaurs. 

Then to top that, not even three days later, there was a horrible fire at Universal Studios.  It not only destroyed the aforementioned King Kong, but another exhibit and 50,000 original shows/movies (the have back up).  You can read about it here

I can’t say that prior to these three instances I gave Mr. Kong much of a passing thought.  Maybe once in a great while when someone was eating some fake banana-flavored candies, but that would be about it. 

Now that he’s gone though, I’m kinda sad that I never saw him face to face.  Since I had my face buried in my godmother’s shoulder, I only smelled him.  Now, if I get there, it will be more a burnt banana smell.  Kong’s Banana Foster… perhaps I’ll invent a dessert. 

R.I.P. King Kong


~ by zuzu on June 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Interment of the Gorilla”

  1. I’m much more upset that the Hill Valley set from Back to the Future burned down. Save the Clock Tower!

    I can’t believe the Backdraft ride didn’t burn down too.

  2. Does anyone know where Godzilla was when this supposedly accidental Kong-destroying fire started???

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