Did you not get the memo?

Dear Mr. Haan,

I’m sure that the memo regarding our new peep-toe policy at work is sitting in your email in-box.  This is the only explanation I can come up with seeing as you have not had a major sale of your shoes on Zappos within the past two days.  I must say, I’m disappointed that you didn’t greet this news with the enthusiasm that I, and my fellow female co-workers, did.  Your support – shown by way of at least a 50% off sale – would have been much appreciated.  I know you are fully aware of the pull that your shoes have over me; you know I can spot them from a mile away; you know and yet you tease. 

I’m sure your success could temporarily allow for a price reduction on say…

Will you give them to me at $79 vs. $279?

How about these?

Yes, I do appreciate the 15% off you extended, however, $254 is still not in my current affordability range.

While I’m at it, Mr. Haan.  I would be most grateful if you could forward this message to your friends as well.  (Clearly there is a glitch in the email system)

I will expect a counter offer on the following:


From Mr. Weitzman:



From Mr(s). V. Spiga:


And from Mr. Louboutin:

(Actually…he can send me anything with a red sole.  Please have him send some to Molly as well.)

 I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

Best regards,




~ by zuzu on June 12, 2008.

8 Responses to “Did you not get the memo?”

  1. I do love your taste in shoes. I would wear ANY of these but that last pair!? wowza.

  2. how clever of the u.s. government to further stimulate the economy by mandating elizabeth’s company “go open toe” so that the shopping can begin!

  3. Thank you for suggesting that I too might like (need, want, LOVE) a pair of shiny red CL soles. Sigh.

    And seriously, Zappos. Did you not hear her? SALE!

  4. This should be part of our presidents newest economic stimulus package; mandatory change in dress code policy to increase consumer spending. Seriously- I am going to need big girl shoes for the new job. HELP!

  5. Phew! I love the shoes but do not think i could walk in them with out assistance!!

  6. My feet hurt just looking at those. And seriously, do you really need to be any taller? Love, C

  7. LOVE the sling-backs in the first picture. Beautiful! And, of course, the Louboutins! Gah – gorgeous!

  8. So gorgeous. I am SURE they will respond. Let me know when the sale starts!

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