Can someone get me a cloth?

I babysat on Saturday.  Not one of my favorite past times, due to my complete lack of maternal instinct, but so my friends could attend a wedding I stepped in.  Usually when it comes to babysitting these girls, Wade does most of the work.  He is great with kids and they all love him, but Wade was at work, so I was on my own – at least in the beginning. 

I went into it with a good attitude.  I was ready to force myself into a 2-year-old’s world and play with dolls and scribble on paper and play make-believe — All the while, keeping my eye on a 7-month-old.  I was ready. 

Mom gave me the run down on diapers, food, crying, stories, routines, etc.  Then she handed me a stack of burp cloths and said “You’re going to need these.”  A quick spike in the anxiety with the thought of the baby spitting up.  But it quickly subsided and I moved onto figuring out what we were going to play first.  As I stood there talking to the mom with the baby perched over my shoulder I hear the noise… and then I felt it.  Yes, the baby threw up all over my arm, all over her arm, on my shirt and on the floor. 

And I didn’t even flinch.  Granted it wasn’t the activity I would have chosen to happen, but I rolled with it and I was fine! 

The rest of the night was a breeze as I was on my little cloud of success.  It was a crystal-clear sign that my emetophobia is subsiding and soon it won’t rule my life. 

Thanks for thowing up on me, J!



~ by zuzu on June 16, 2008.

10 Responses to “Can someone get me a cloth?”

  1. good job you! not just on the spit up part, but the whole endeavor!

  2. Congratulations! (I think…)

  3. This is great news! I don’t think I have ever been so happy about a baby spitting up! Congrats to you for taking a HUGE step in overcoming an anxiety. I know it is not easy.

  4. Yeah!! This is great!

  5. YIPPEE!

  6. Is that what they call desensitization training? You did better with it than I would have!

  7. Yes, desensitization – cognitive behavioral therapy – basically retraining your brain to not find certain things dangerous – especially when they aren’t dangerous! (just gross)

  8. Holy cow – good for you!! That is great! And congrats on handling the whole baby sitting endeavor so well.

  9. i bet you were rocking the burp cloth!

  10. hooray for baby throw up (this time, anyway)

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