I was chatting with my friend Lori the other day and I was telling her about this boy from my childhood.  I don’t recall now why he came up in conversation, but about halfway through the conversation I said, “I should blog about this guy!”

This kid was not someone I was friends with.  I don’t think I was not friends with him.  Based on my general feeling of dislike thinking back on it, I would say that he was a bully.  I have no memories to back this up. His name:  Jimmy-Up-At-The-Bus-Stop.  That’s how I referred to him.

I think it was most likely in the context of, “Today, Jimmy, up at the bus stop, did…” or, “Jimmy, up at the bus stop, said…” 

I remember he was a dorky kind of guy.  Skinny as a rail, buck-ish teeth with braces, coke-bottle glasses. But even with those traits – destined to mark one for Loserville – he was more popular than you’d imagine.  I know that sounds mean, but who are we kidding – kids are cruel.

JUATBS was one year older than I was (well, still, I suppose).  My school district had elementary school going from K-5.  Then you were off to the junior high.  In fourth grade one became eligible to put their name in to be on the Bus Patrol in fifth grade.  This was quite and honor.  It came with the following perks:

– You could sit in the way, way, way back or the very front and you were guaranteed the spot.
– You could stand with your knee on the seat and your back to the window.  Everyone else had to sit.
– You got an orange sash/belt and a badge.  (oooo-la-la!)

When I was in fourth grade, JUATBS was on the Bus Patrol.  I think that he was probably not very nice to me…what with my motion-sickness affliction (maybe?).  Although JUATBS would be gone and hanging with the junior high kids, I was determined to be on the Bus Patrol and show him.  Yeah…it doesn’t make sense.

It was an exciting day when they chose the fourth graders to assume the free Bus Patrol positions.  It was a lottery system (it was a highly coveted position so there were lots of applicants).  And I was chosen! 

Oh, happy day!  I was going to be on the Bus Patrol.  Kids of all ages would envy me!  I would have an orange sash!  I would have a badge!  I would be able to stand up while the bus was moving!

My dream of being on Bus Patrol was dashed shortly after the appointment.  I was moving.  To Rhode Island.  Where I would be a “walker”.  There were no Walk Patrols!  Oh, the humanity.  I was devastated. 

I kind of got off topic here.  Anyway, JUATBS stays firmly planted in my memories.  I tried to Google him (with his real name) and came up empty handed.  I hope our paths cross again in the future and we can put this all behind us.



~ by zuzu on June 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “J.U.A.T.B.S.”

  1. he’s probably a bus driver now…

  2. I was a walker too. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways! (Sorry for stealing your routine, Bill Cosby …)

  3. he had a pocket protector, didn’t he?

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