Art. Stiletto Style.

I don’t know why it took so long, but I finally got my butt in gear and took some photos of my actual shoe collection.  I told Wade it was for insurance purposes. He’s not dumb…  I just felt like I needed a little further justification above & beyond “but my blog friends wanna see them!”  He said I’m a dork, but in a good way and I agree.

So enjoy!

I had hoped to capture the collection in its entirety, however, the location of the wall rack and the over abundance of shoes, just wouldn’t allow.  This gives you a very good idea however. 
Next, I decided to show off some of my friends in “lots” – but they are not up for auction so take that thought right out of your pretty little head!

LOT 1:  (starting with the black shoe and moving up & to the right)  Black peep-toe with mini-holes all over; super cute; super uncomfortable; these are the shoes I wore at the club in Jersey when waiting for Rob Base.  Red BCBG Pumps; again, super cute and super uncomfortable after being worn for more than about 5 hours; they scream ‘SASS!’; Brown & Gold Satin dress shoe; purchased at an extremely low price which drove the I-must-have-these cause right home for me; I wore them to my rehearsal dinner and once to a wedding… evidently I don’t have too many dressy outfits in the brown family.  Multi-colored pump with green ankle strap; purchased for $12.99 and one of my most complimented; purchased with the sole intent to wear them at my bachelorette and then probably never again; not the case – super comfy and super sassy.  Moda Snakeskin pump – ’nuff said.  Dark read snakeskin pump – GORGEOUS.  Again about $15 and a pair of shoes has NEVER looked better with jeans.

LOT 2:  (starting top left) Beige Croc pump – $15; basic pump; nothing spectacular, but it’s neutral and can go anywhere with anything.  Hounds-tooth Pump– Everyone needs a little hounds-tooth, especially when found on a whim for under $20! Tan Sling-Backs– purchased because it was a ‘buy 1 get 1 50% off’.  I couldn’t not take advantace and these are very sensible and neutral; I adore them.  Liz Claiborne Beige & Red peep-toes – These are THE shoes.  The ones that I purchased alongside the tranvestite.  Nine West Purple Pumps – On sale!  Nine West Green Croc Pump – so very, very, very comfortable so I bought them in blue too; the heel is a little shorter, allowing for comfort all day!

LOT 3: (again, starting at top left)  Orange croc pump – same as the above beige, but these are ORANGE!!!! How fun!!! Enzo Angiolini “giraffe” peep-toe.  I have wanted these shoes forever and didn’t buy them because of the No-Peep-Toe Law at work.  With the veto, I purchased them promptly.  I love them more in person.  Hot Pink Patent Wedge – Ralph Lauren on clearance at Marshal’s.  Score.  Purple to Pink Airbrushed Pump – A recent purchase as well;  It was a debate between those or the grey to black…I think I made the right choice.  Red Patent AK Wedge – Hello, Gorgeous and the Minnie Mouse effect on the inside, is our little secret.  Leopard-print pump – Well, what would a shoe collection be without them!

LOT 4:  The Dressy CollectionRed strappy-ness– purchased to go with my red flapperesque dress; they are soft and beautiful.  GUESS Black d’Orsay– it even has the little rhinestone ‘G’ on the buckle;  never worn…Molly’s wedding perhaps?  Silver slingbacks – purchased to wear at my wedding; something better came up; My friend wore these to a black tie event, but I’ve never worn them.

The Wedding Shoes.



~ by zuzu on June 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “Art. Stiletto Style.”

  1. WHY are we not the same size??? Can you imagine how wonderous that would be? Sigh. The red snakeskin? OMG. WANT.

  2. Oh that was FUN, I tell you, FUN.

    As Carrie would say, “Hello, lover!”

    Now I want to see what your comfortable shoes look like, I am so curious!

  3. Um, yeah. I got nothin’.

  4. Fabulously byoootiful. (have you seen that video(s) “OMG SHOEZ”? too funny.)

    May I borrow those kickass green ones? I wear 8 1/2…

  5. Enzo Angiolini “giraffe” peep-toe – I WANT these!! What a great collection of shoes!

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