It’s all about the party.

July 2 is officially National Mullet Day.  Due to congested schedules and vacations, etc. our friends threw their annual National Mullet Day party on Saturday afternoon.  What is a Mullet Day party you may ask?  It involves the following:

– A fine excuse to hang out with fun friends
– An equally fine excuse to have a barbecue
– A way to ensure that the close knit group of friends will have loads and loads of laughs in their future
– A way to capture embarrassing photos should any of these people choose to run for a political office.

Here are some of the requirements of a Mullet Day party:

– No designer clothing is permitted
– No classy serving dishes permitted (i.e, dip is server right out of the sour cream container)
– Mullet wigs or otherwise are strongly encouraged
– “Prom pictures” are to be take on a tractor
– Whether you like it or not, at least one cheap & trashy beer must be consumed whilst being photographed (examples include Natural Ice, Busch, Miller High Life…)

It is frowned upon if one attends a Mullet party without takeing the above requirements into consideration. 

Because of this, I figured that my very classy, designer, Old Navy t-shirt (sense the sarcasm?) would not be accepted.  Therefore I went to Wal-Mart prior to the party, very confident that I would find the appropriate attire. And here is what happened:

I went to the men’s section where they have the bins of t-shirts – the ones with stupid stayings on them. As I am staring blankly at the wall hoping to spot a shirt that screams “Business in the front, parting in the back!” I am approached by a young guy… 18 years old or so.  Here is our exchange:

Him: (aggravated) Don’t try and find a shirt.  It’s not like someone actually works here.  You can’t find what you’re looking for. 

Me: Hm.  (turn and walk away giggling)

I find my classy shirt in the ladies section and it is like a beacon shining from above. Oh it is SO great! I take it to the cashier – slightly embarrassed that I’m shelling out $7 for it.  She takes it from my hands, turns around, holds it up and says, “Ma!  Look at this shirt!  It’s great!”  (Ma is working the aisle 2 register and she is working the aisle 7 one).  She turns back to me and says, “sorry, it’s just that this is such a great shirt!”  Hm…yeah…I’m making fun of you.

Next it’s off to pick up the aforementioned trashy beer.  All stars are in line for a fabulous entrance to this party because I find Budweiser Tall-Boys featuring a Nascar driver!! How great is that???

Jane, the cashier, has a mullet, too.  This is my favorite day ever.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Check out this fine lookin’ couple. 

Send me your address and this could be arriving at your home just in time for Christmas!

For further information on the holiday, click here.


~ by zuzu on June 24, 2008.

10 Responses to “It’s all about the party.”

  1. OH MY GOD. This is the most awesome thing I have ever, EVER seen. Ever. Please wear that to the wedding.

  2. that’s good stuff elizabeth! the shirt is perfect….for the party.
    i think i could handle all the rules except the yucky beer part.

  3. THAT is hilarious!! I had to call my co-workers over to show them the picture. I love it!

  4. i would love to see the picture, but its just a red box….why is that???? did you know there is an entire website devoted to mulletts? its great, breaks them down by personality and everything!

  5. Thank gooooooodness those aren’t MY kids!!!!!!!!

  6. Awesome! which shoes did you wear?

  7. That is BY FAR the best picture I have seen of the two of you. It should most certainly replace any wedding photo’s hanging near or over the mantle. How do I get a calender that includes important holidays like national mullet day!?!?

  8. No Mullet Party can be complete without screenings of “Joe Dirt” and “Run Ronnie Run” … 😉

  9. unbelievable. great stuff. classic even.

  10. […] The dinner was for Wade’s (and my) friend’s 40th birthday.  His amazing wife threw him an Asian themed dinner – complete with make-your-own sushi roll and spectacular sushi from a local restaurant.  She made Kung Pow everything.  Sapporo was stocked, as was pear-flavored saki.  And no party at their home is complete without proper attire being encouraged (these are the same peeps who threw the mullet party). […]

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