Obnoxious Behavior

I was driving home today and stuck in the mildly bothersome slow traffic.  I’m used to it and it gives me the chance to wind down and listen to more of my audiobook.

Evidently, I was supposed to ride so close to the vehicle in front of me that I would know what was in their trunk.  The gentleman behind me kindly pointed this out to me when he honked his horn and showed of a fancy hand gesture. 

At first I though that this was not intended for me.  Then he reached out the window and motioned for me to move forward.  Which I did not.  Why? BECAUSE THERE WAS A CAR THERE!!!!!

He proceeded to get very upset with me.  (Did he think I was parked on the highway for my own pleasure??)

Lucky for him, his exit was next.  As he swerved behind me I fully expected the fancy gesture to make an encore appearance.  Which it did.  As he rolled down the window and spit on my car.







~ by zuzu on June 25, 2008.

9 Responses to “Obnoxious Behavior”

  1. BASTARD! gotta love hartford! i think i saw that same guy using very colorful language towards me, i had my a/c on!

  2. I don’t know what it is that turns some people into psychos when they’re behind the wheel. Fumes? Bad music on the radio? Uncomfortable seats?

    Nahhh, they’re just jerks.

  3. next time someone acts displeased with your slow driving….or parking because of traffic….pretend there is an angry bee in the car….

    just try that…..he’ll either think “there’s a bee in there” or “she’s bananas” and….moments later you will be laughing.

    think angry bee…..

  4. or….wear your mullet wig and walmart t-shirt and they won’t question a thing.

  5. Ewww that is so gross. What is WRONG with people? When we were leaving the DMB concert last night it was mayhem. People yelling at each other, throwing stuff. We were stuck in a massive traffic jam — what did they think was going to happen?

  6. are you kidding me? let me at this dude.

  7. UNacceptable. People like this should be banished…to their own island…somewhere south of Mars.

  8. He was upset with you that you didn’t tailgate the guy in front of you?! I don’t get it. What is it with some people? So that he could be a few feet closer to wherever? what a classy guy. idiot.

  9. what a jackass! That is so freaking rude. I agree with CuriousC – really? He needed to be a few feet closer? Jerk.

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