Vacation is over…

My long, relaxing, beautiful & wonderful vacation is coming to an end. I’m sinking into my “Sunday Night Syndrome” now as I realize that in 12 hours I’ll be getting ready for work. 

I’m sure I could get 10-15 posts out of my vacation as there were multiple highlights and stories:  from the flights (which I did very well with) to the Bahamas and the wedding events to Virginia and visiting my old home to Washington D.C.  There were many characters, many beautiful pictures, lots of laughing and I got to do this all with my love. 

So I’ll leave it to you.  I’ll give you some vaca-related topics and you tell me which ones you’d like to read about.

**Flights 3 & 4 and the saga of our return flight (flights 1 & 2 were fairly uneventful)
**The wedding (complete with photos)
**Anecdotes on $$ in the Bahamas, including our dramatic mini-bar moment
**My trip to my former home
**Wade’s FIRST trip to our Nation’s Capitol
**My parenting advice should you choose to take your children to D.C. or if you’re visiting there yourself (sans children)
**The Zoo (w/ photos…including pandas)
**The Botanical Gardens (w/photos)

**Adventures when relying on a GPS
**The Atlantis aquariums (w/ photos)

You choose!  I’ll post the most requested and the ones that I feel like writing about! 🙂

It’s good to be home.



~ by zuzu on July 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “Vacation is over…”

  1. photos of pandas? this seems like it shouldn’t be up for debate. show us the bears!

    also, i could stand to read about a dramatic mini-bar moment or your gps adventure.

  2. Gee I don’t know, what am I interested in lately?


  3. All of them sound pretty good. Definitely #2 and #3 (wedding and $$ stories).

  4. Wedding, flights, dramatic mini-bar moment and guide to DC!
    Wait, is that all of them? Glad you had a great vacation!

    And seriously? A cabinet? I just started writing for a RI parenting site, and I will have to bring this up there. And might need a road trip to a RI ice cream place just to order a cabinet!

  5. I am interested in Wade’s first trip to DC (I love DC!) and the mini-bar thing and the flight adventure. all of it sounds fun. Glad you had a good time!

  6. god, i’m so far behind…and at this stage, i don’t need to vote because most of it is here. yay for me!

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