Now that I have had a chance to breathe

I see that several people were in agreement about the late night adventures of my husband. 

Now, several days later, I am far more calm about the situation and have received an explanation.  I don’t defend what he did, but he has been forgiven.  Things could have been handled differently and he is aware of that.  I am aware of things that I may need to handle differently too.

For the record – and I hope this is obvious from previous posts – Wade and I have an amazing relationship.  We are such wonderful friends, we truly enjoy being with each other, we laugh a lot, and we have so much fun together.  Like any relationship – I do things to irk him and he does things to irk me.  In the grand scheme of life, we are new in our relationship… we’re growing and I’m glad I have him by my side to do so. 

So I ask you to forgive him, as I have.  He did a stupid thing and he’s sorry.


~ by zuzu on July 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Now that I have had a chance to breathe”

  1. Haha he’s forgiven. As long as he keeps his phone on him from now on! 🙂

  2. we know you love him. you were just venting. helped getting it out and having people understand, right?

    we read blogs…so we know no one’s perfect.

    tell wade we still think he’s a cool cat and we’re all just glad our sleep wasn’t affected by his shenanigans. just wanted to use the word shenanigans.

  3. Permission to be funny?
    What if he were to have vomitted when he realized he was in the wrong?

    I hope that was funny (pls delete if not).

    Seriously though – you’re right – you have the rest of your lives together to have these funny stories and, this will be a story that you share in 10 years – like “There was this one time” (not in band camp 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

    And, my friend Tim had an “episode” with his son where anything that was plugged in was removed from his son’s bedroom.

    His son did something really bad, but it’s a funny story to throw out there now for them.

    And, I think that’s where this will go.

    You standing there with your high beams on so he can’t see who it is and then he finds out who it is.

    He’ll laugh, and maybe you will too in a little bit – but, you are SO descriptive that it will be a funny story to tell…..once the “wound” has healed a little bit.

    And, like you said…..we all do crazy stuff. BUT – what you did do was to re-affirm for him that you love him.

    The moment that you dont care, is the moment that your love for him has stopped.

    Dont make me sing the song “I’m gonna Keep on Lovin’ You” by REO Speedwagon. 🙂

  4. Only because it’s Wade…. 🙂

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