Move over Laura Ingalls!

Growing up, I was a big fan of the Little House… books. I think they were among the first “chapter books” I read cover to cover.  Being nearly (or more) 20 years ago, it amazes me that I can still recall details vividly from the books.  Every winter I know I have a fleeting thought about gathering snow in a bowl and pouring pure maple syrup on it.  A fine treat for the Ingalls family, so a fine treat for me. 

I remember thinking about how much fun it must have been to live in those times, but also how hard. Hard only because I had my life in which to compare, but I never felt badly for them.

Until yesterday. 

I preface this all with:  This was by NO MEANS a tragedy.

When I came home from work, intent to make Belgian waffles for dinner and watch Project Runway, I was greeted with a complete lack of power.  The weather was poor.  Raining but not blustery and the thunderstorms had not made it here quite yet.  Under most circumstances, this would not bother me in the least.  It was still light out and power failures tend to fix themselves in a short amount of time.  Reaching for the laptop (may as well take advantage of battery power), the black screen popped up that said “Low Battery Power…”  The laptop was almost fully drained of juice!  That means when I came home the power had been off for at least 6 hours already. 

Suddenly I became very aware of what I could not do! 

No cooking (no biggie…we’ll go out. yay!)

No Project Runway (bit more of a biggie but they’ll repeat it 73 more times before next week)

No laptop or Internet!

No doing chores (I’m overcome with just how much laundry I NEED to do and I MUST vaccuum immediately!)

What would Laura Ingalls do? 

She’d play with paper dolls.  Or she’d sew something.  Or maybe she would collect sticks to make a wreath.  She’d braid Mary’s hair (the blind girl would probably need the help, no?). 

Well, I’m not 7, so paper dolls are out.  Sewing is just really not my thing, hence my giant bag of “To Be Mended” clothes. Sticks and wreaths…Pretty sure lightening is coming and that would be dangerous.  I suppose I could braid Alex’s tail. 

I decided to take advantage of the last remaining daylight.  Strategically I situated my self in front of the picture window as to have all the bits of light I could capture.  Wade came home then.

W – “Why are you sitting in the dark?”

me – “The power is out.”

W – “Oh.” Reaches over and flips the light switch.

me – “How’s that working out for you?”

W – “You’re a bitches.” (that’s a pet name…we’re being silly.)

The sun went away.  Along came the storm and while consoling a terrified Mabel, my love gives me the quick fix for the evening.

Not my greatest Kodak moment, but you get the idea.


And it was a complete coincidence that this is the t-shirt I was wearing!

 And, in case you are wondering, this is what a terrified Beagle looks like.

And this is what a cat looks like if you take its picture in the dark.



~ by zuzu on July 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “Move over Laura Ingalls!”

  1. Cool cat, indeed! Great pics.

    My satellite dish threatened to ruin my Project Runway experience, too, but it turned out ok. SO far, it’s a good season, yes? My favorites are Kelly and Kenley. Which will change next week, probably!

    I have a book to rec: The Way Life Should Be by C.B.Kline. It’s about an event planner so I thought of you.

  2. I loved L.I.W books and I credit them with my pursuing a history degree (what can I say, I was a total nerd). That being said, last week when we lost power I went from “Oh, isn’t this cute and romantic” to “This is not at ALL funny!” the moment I realized no power = no fans…at all.

  3. Hey, I have the same tee-shirt!
    Great photos, and the story made me giggle. Am wondering if I can work up a piece of dog-and-catterel about this event…

  4. […] doggerel that incorporated all of Elizabeth’s pets. After reading her latest entry about a  thunderstorm and power outage at her farmhouse, I even knew that I wanted to set it to a tune I’ve been hearing at work on the satellite […]

  5. I think Little House books were the first chapter books I read too. Loved them all.

    Poor pup! How come dogs tend to be so scared of storms? I think all the ones I know are scared of them too.

  6. Those were some of my first books, too, and I also remember the collecting of the maple syrup. 🙂

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