Neil. The Concert.

Friday night was my second Neil Diamond concert.

There was a moment (well, 1/2 of a second) when I thought that perhaps I should leave well enough alone and go forward having just the one Neil concert under my belt.  So when I heard he was back in the area and tickets were super-duper expensive, I wasn’t 100% heartbroken.  I’d been once.  He sang directly to me all the favorites. I was happy with that. 

Then the day before my trip to the Bahamas I got a message from a co-worker that an email came through with a special deal – Neil tickets for $19.50!!!!!  Can you even imagine?  So I bought 4.  Only one of the tickets were spoken for, but I had to get more because….well…. they were less than twenty dollars!

Wade wasn’t as thrilled about the concert as I was, but he would go.  My mom immediately said yes to the other two tickets.  And then it was a month later and we were going to Neil. 

It was great. 

There were the beautiful words from the emcee at the beginning: ‘Welcome to the Neil Diamond concert.  This is a solo performance and there will be no intermission.’   There are so many wonderful things in that one phrase. 

On with the concert…

There were a couple songs off his new album, but for the most part, he stuck with the classics – Cracklin’ Rosie, Kentucky Woman, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers *, Sweet Caroline (not in my top 10 of his songs, but ranked #1 among most everyone else there), I Am… I Said, You Got To Me, I’m A Believer… 

I held out hope for my two favorites and Neil did not let me down.

His encore of three songs…

Actually right now I can’t remember the first song, but it was followed by America (this time I did not tear up) and then he concluded with Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show

What more, I ask you, could you want from a Neil Diamond Concert?

*Side note on You Don’t Bring Me Flowers – I was seated next to a trio of dolts and one of them actually said the following: ‘That’s the song he sang with Barbara Streisand. (pause) Do you think she’s here???”  And, she was serious.


~ by zuzu on August 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Neil. The Concert.”

  1. “Brother Love” would be a good one to either begin or end the concert with. Glad you had such a good time!

  2. I love the no intermission thing. I am glad you had such a good time, and at such an unbeatable price!

  3. $19.50!!?? Holy cow.

    Brother Love is one of my favorites. Forever in Blue Jeans is probably my favorite.

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