Today I am 30.

It’s my birthday.  My THIRTIETH birthday.  I feel exactly the same way I felt when I was 29…all those hours ago. 

My Mum enlisted the services of Wade during the past week to shower me with birthday cards.  She went all out.  I have received (so far…I may not have found them all) 35 cards since last Friday.  Here are some of the best:

[Cover: Fancy bellman carrying luggage.]
Inside: We’re at that awkward age where polite young men offer to help us with our bags when we aren’t carrying any.
Signed:  Remember me? Best wishes from Pete and all my colleagues in baggage handling!

Pete was the most fabulous – he found our bags on this trip and they made it to DC before we did!

[Cover:  Very cute black puppy staring up at the camera]
Inside: I’ve always looked up to you…
Signed: …even though I’ve never met you! Happy 30th birthday to one of my earliest fans, Pickles

[Cover: Woman in shoe store surrounded by hundres of red shoes]
Inside:  it’s your birthday – surround yourself with the ones you love.
Signed:  Hope to see you soon! Love, Manalo Blahnik

[Cover: Elvis]
Inside:  Enjoy your day in the spotlight!
Signed:  I’ve sure enjoyed all mine — and I’m glad you got to share some of it with me as you turned 30!  Love, Neil Diamond

[Cover:  30]
Inside: It’s the Big One!  Happy Birthday!
Signed: Tell me, now that you’re all grown up and THIRTY years old, do you ever think about me up here in your parents’ attic?  Good times, Larry

Explanation of this one is two-fold.
First, Larry was my GIRL doll that I got for Christmas one year.  She had white/blond hair and a blue & white checked dress.  When asked what I was going to name here, I replied, “Larry!” And it stuck.
Second, when I was younger – ok…still – I would get very upset if my stuffed animals or dolls were either put away in a closet or not being played with enough.  I was always afraid they would think I didn’t love them anymore.  I felt guilty when I read this card.

The cover on this doesn’t matter… it was inside that counts.
Basic happy b-day message signed: Ernest.
hmm…I don’t know and Ernest.  So I followed the arrow for more information:

SWM, 6′, brown hair, blue/green eyes. I love God. I cannot read. I am shy. My mother has just passed away.  I enjoy cooking homemade meals, I like children and I’m looking for a good woman who loves God, 21 or over who enjoys watching soap operas on WTVD 11. “For she said within herself, ‘If I may but touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, I shall be made whole!'” St. Matthew 9:21.  Do you know John 3:16? Please call Ernest.

Ladies, (or gents) if you want his number, I’ve got it.

Isn’t my mom the best???


~ by zuzu on August 18, 2008.

10 Responses to “Today I am 30.”

  1. […] August 2007 birthday greetings from the pupsters! August 18, 2008, 11:09 pm Filed under: dogs fellow blogger elizabeth is 30 today!  you can wish her happy b-day by visiting here HERE! […]

  2. […] August 2007 birthday greetings from the pupsters! August 18, 2008, 11:09 pm Filed under: dogs fellow blogger elizabeth is 30 today!  you can wish her happy b-day by visiting here HERE! […]

  3. you mom is very cool! i hope today was wonderful!
    (30 was a really good year, i thought!)

  4. happy HAPPY!!! birthday. so you’re 29 with 1 year of experience?

  5. Goodbear sent me. Where are the cheesies?
    Actually, that’s kinda neat that August 18 is your birthday. August 12 is my son’s, August 14 is Cuca-kitty’s, and August 16 is my favourite brother’s. Now I know another great Leo!

  6. I thought that 30 would be “the big one” but now I know that 40 will be “the big one”. Although I might eventually decide that 50 is “the big one” …

    I always felt the same way about my stuffed animals. That’s why my favorites are on a shelf behind me looking at the computer. 😉

  7. For my 30th birthday we had a house at the NJ Shore and it was a Friday – Sunday party.

    Friday at a bar
    Saturday at our house – ICEBLOCK Party – I have pictures and will send you one later in the week – it’s pretty funny
    Sunday – BBQ and drive home.

    You’ll never forget this one. 🙂

  8. I came from Goodbear’s blog. Happy Birthday to you. Turning 30 was actually harder for me than turning 40! 😀

  9. How very cool! I’m sorry I missed it, but Happy Birthday anyway! I love birthdays and think they should always be celebrated in some way.

    For my 30th, I went on a cruise with a group of friends. It was one of the best times of my life.

  10. Happy belated to you from a fellow August birthday girl!

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