Parental Advisory: Naivity & Naughtiness



My dear husband shared with me the other day that he was at a rest stop and was propositioned.  Here is what he told me… I share with you as if he were talking:

I was at the rest stop and filling up the tank and this woman – well, what I thought was a woman came up to me.  She had this huge PINK wig on and I was thinking that she looked like the drag queens for the Project Runway challenge we just saw.  She asked me if I needed any help and I told her I was good.  When she spoke, I realized that she was a he.  So a little time goes by, I’m lashing down the stuff in the truck more and (s)he comes back!  This time she says, “Are you sure I can’t give you a hand?”  I practically yelled NO! and hoped back in the truck.  I’ve heard of lot lizards, but I’ve never been propositioned!

This is the part int the story when I reel in my laughter about the ‘give you a hand’ part and jump to: WHAT is a Lot Lizard? 

He once knew a trucker who told him about Lot Lizards.  For those of you completely unaware of perverse things, a LL is one who practices prostitution at rest stops and targets truckers.  Upon learning that tidbit, I then learned that this is such a problem for some truckers that there is a market for stickers that say ‘No Lot Lizards!’ Can you believe it?  I have provided a sample for you.

Am I the only completely naive person out there who was unaware of this ‘industry’?



~ by zuzu on August 29, 2008.

6 Responses to “Parental Advisory: Naivity & Naughtiness”

  1. Ommmm

    I didnt know that they were called LOT LIZARDS but I was aware that they’re out there.

    It’s pretty sick.

    But….in the directors cut of this post, the woman in the pink wig sang the song: Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man as he drove away.

  2. And then He-She sang

    You are the Dancing Queen


  3. so….
    He-she is also a Lounge Lizard Too!

  4. All we need is for Leisure Suit Larry to show up now …

  5. I may never be able to look at lizards the same… eww.

  6. First, to answer your question: Yes, I’m naive enough not to have heard of “lot lizards” .
    Second, I’m stunned to think of a MTF (male-to-female) transsexual working a gas station. These people have a hard enough time avoiding bashings just walking down the street, let alone flinging themselves at truck drivers. I understand that some trannies do help to pay for their transitioning through prostitution, but jeepers, sister, stick to the gaybourhood!

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