Long weekend in review

Friday our office closed at noon and thus began my long Labor Day weekend.  It was wonderful – full of friends, family, relaxing, dogs, accomplishments, and cake. 

~ Saturday afternoon into the evening was my 30th birthday party!  Wade put the whole thing together and it was at his shop (no need to worry about cleaning the next day!).  It was open house style so from late afternoon until midnight there was a nice steady flow for friends and family.  I was able to visit with everyone and catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time – including a high school friend who I saw last in 1997!

~ My sister made my birthday cake – I swear, the woman missed her calling!  She really should do cakes for a living.  It was a yellow cake with pumpkin filling.  And so no one would miss cake, she made mini spice cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes (normal size).  But the best?  She made a SHOE out of gum-paste for the big cake.  (I have a picture once I download my photos…)

~ My nephew, Evan, had his first boat ride (Matthew was not so much interested). 

~ And….I got my birthday present from Wade:


~ On Sunday, we enjoyed our iced coffee while taking the dogs to the park.  This was Mabel’s first visit to the park since her accident and she did so well!  She attempted to play fetch which was amazing on 2 levels: 1) she ran like crazy and 2) she’s never fetched anything before!  She also wrestled with a young yellow lab.  It was great to see her back as her normal dog-self.

~ I joined a gym!  It was a super good deal, so I decided to partake.  Hopefully I’ll stick with it.  I’m not going to jinx myself by writing about it too soon.  I may or may not have further gym reports.

~ On Monday I mowed the lawn and weed-wacked around the house so now it looks moderately landscaped.  And Wade – evidently really feeling the love – moved all his boats and vehicles up behind the barn so I can’t see them!  That alone was a fabulous birthday present!

But…. back at work now and there is plenty to do.  The fall is super busy and I’m gearing up.  It was a great weekend to mark the kick off to a crazy fall.


~ by zuzu on September 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Long weekend in review”

  1. great cake!!!!
    sounds like things were really going well for your birthday. and i am so glad mabel is having an awesome recovery!

  2. Your sister should be on that Food Network show where they make those incredible cakes, this is awesome! And good too you say?

  3. OMG I love the cake! Happy belated birthday!

  4. Sounds like quite a party. That’s a gorgeous cake! Oh, and the car is cute too … 😉

  5. Happy Birthday!! (late)

    What a great cake – and it sounds delicious!!

    I mowed the lawn on Labor Day too – so much for not working.

  6. What an awesome weekend! It sounds as though there was something for everyone. I’m glad to hear that Mabel is enjoying being on all fours again.

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