Shout Out to Lyle!

Last week, traveling on the Maine Turnpike on our journey to pick The One (again…really, this is The One this time.  So I’ve been told.), Wade and I ran into a little roadside drama.  We had take our diesel truck in order to have more power for the haul home.  The truck – like most of Wade’s purchases – is what one would classify as a “fixer-upper” but it runs and it’s powerful and it gets the job done. 

Unbeknownst to us, as it is rarely used, the gas gauge does not read properly. We had plans to stop at the next rest area since they had diesel and because I needed a pit-stop.  As be ascended the hill in front of us, it became very obvious that this truck had no intention of completing that journey, so off to the side of the road we pulled. 

Wade had great intentions of syphoning the fuel from the front tank and filling the back tank (the front tank is broken, but full) and then we’d continue our journey.  Behind us pulls a red SUV and as the door opens and a guy with a neon yellow vest gets out, I’m thinking: I hope this guy can help because it will take AAA hours to get here!  That’s when I spot the AAA logo on his door.

To my shock, after he and Wade discuss the situation a bit, I hear Wade say, ‘thanks anyway, but I’ll figure something out.’ Queue me jumping out of the car! 

‘Are you from AAA?,’ I ask.
‘It’s costs too much if you don’t have AAA,’ Wade says.
‘We have AAA.’
‘We do?’
‘Yes!  Don’t you remember my parents bought it for me when I got the new job and you were offended?’
‘Well they did & you were.’
‘Ok, then that’ll be $20,’ says AAA guy. (After he ran the membership info, he told me that my AAA membership expires in 5 days.  I have renewed my membership.)

Yay!  I saved the day!  Yay! We have 5 gallons of diesel!  Yay…..whoa….WHY isn’t the truck starting? 

Here’s a little factoid for y’all who may need to know:  When a diesel vehicle runs out of fuel, any additional strain on the car/truck will drain your battery.

Another factoid – more to just keep in mind because I’m sure you know – don’t keep trying to turn the engine over because you’ll just keep draining it.  BE PATIENT!!!

Well, after an hour of being hooked up to the AAA truck, the engine finally turned over and we were on our way.  Two miles up the road to the aforementioned rest stop.  (I reeeeeeeally needed the pit-stop by now!)

Wade fills the truck and, because the guy was so nice, filled the diesel container for him and told him to keep the $20.  Then we proceeded on. 

At the toll booth he took out his wallet and exclaimed, ‘Oh s***!!!!’  I was sure he had left his wallet at the rest area, but no.  He told me that he is so used to pre-paying for gas with a credit card that he drove off without paying!  Oh. My. God.  We are going. to. the. Slammer!

We were far away at this point and there wasn’t any turning back. We decided that we he made his next journey up – which would be soonish – he would stop and pay.  I was still fully convinced that one or both of us would be in jail by the end of the night. 

We made it home safely.

Fast forward to two days ago.

I get a message on my voicemail: Hi, ah, Ms. S., ah, this is Lyle…I, ah, helped you out in Maine last week.  Well, when your husband, ah, filled up at the rest stop, well, ah, I’m sure he just forgot, but ah, he, ah, drove off without paying.  I tried calling you a few times, but, ah, no answer and the phone just rang and rang.  Yeah, so ah, can you call me back at….

Yay for Lyle.  I called him back and explained that we were not fugitives from the law.  And the reason he couldn’t reach us is because our phone was struck by lightening.  Since then I have cancelled our phone and that’s why he was redirected to my cell phone.  I told him how very, very, very sorry we were.  He was great.  Then he said that HE told the service station that we were nice people and he was sure it was unintended and asked them not to call a Maine trooper.  I (heart) Lyle.

So there you have it.  Big shout out to Lyle.  Good people deserve to be recognized.


~ by zuzu on September 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “Shout Out to Lyle!”

  1. See and I thought this post was going to be about Lyle Lovett. I am so happy that instead it was about a lovely Lyle. I adore nice strangers and I am very glad you did not end up in the slammer as they would have taken your shoes.

  2. I always knew Wade was trouble …. he just hid it from the family for a while 😉

  3. hello elizabeth its dennis the vizsla dog hay this guy lyle sownds like he is a top notch sort of fello not like the copper hoo tossd me in jail with that crazy rabbit just for yoozing an unawthorizd credit card ennyway glad it all wurkd owt for yoo!!!! ok bye

  4. I love to hear stories about good people. Helps me remember that not everyone out there is an ass.

  5. Good story, well told, and I thought your “married life” dialogue was so funny I read it out to E.g. .

  6. I love a happy ending like that!

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