And so it continues…

As if to piggyback on the lady of unending misery, I had a run in with another similar soul yesterday.  I was heading into work a little late since two of the “kids” had to visit the vet.  Just about 100 feet before I would take my turn onto the highway, I see someone pulled over.  Under most circumstances this doesn’t phase me and I just keep on going, because, really, what could I possibly do to help someone with car issues? 

This lady was elderly thought.  She was standing behind her car looking forlorn and in need of assistance.  So I stopped.  (There is far less of a chance that this lady will club me and murder me and throw me in her truck at 11 AM on a Thursday, than say, crazy man who spits on my car…just sayin’.) 

Here is our interaction:

Me:  Hi!  Is everything ok? Can I call someone for you?
Her:  My muffler is falling off.
Me:  I see.  Can I call someone for you?
Her: It’s dragging.
Me:  mmm-hmmm….so can I call someone for you?  Do you need a ride?
now she starts to turn snippy!
Her:  No.  I’m late and I need to get her to an appointment (points to lady in car)
Me: You could drive to that gas station (very close…) on the shoulder with your hazards on.
Her: (getting snippier) HOW would I turn around?
Me:  (trying NOT to be sarcastic at this point and say something rude like “turn the wheel 360 degrees to the left and step on the gas, lady!”)  Would you like me to drive you there?
Her: What are they going to do?  They’re just a gas station!
Me:  Is there something you can tie the muffler to?  I have a rope (i.e, a dog leash that I was willing to give this woman)
Her: NO! (she starts pulling on the muffler)
Me:  Well…. I wish there was something I could do…. but…. um –
Her: Maybe it’ll just fall off! (She hops up and gets in her car to leave)

A couple things here…

1.  She didn’t say thank you.

2.  She drove about 25 feet and the muffler was shooting sparks everywhere and then it went flying in the air.

I think Karma must have been looking out for me because the muffler did NOT hit my windshield despite my car being in the direct path. 

Once again, people need some attitude adjustments.


~ by zuzu on September 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “And so it continues…”

  1. And that poor woman in the passenger seat was probably cowering in misery, regretting that once again she’d let this bully “help” her. How awful, how rude, how manipulative! She reminds me of a customer at the pet store, but at least I was getting paid to take care of that loony.
    Hope your weekend is stoopidhead-free!

  2. OMG!! how rude! It is sad to see how some people treat others! Good for you to stop and ask. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  3. That is so rude! I’m tired of people being rude for no reason. I’m glad you stopped to help and sorry she was such a crank.

  4. “How dare you stop and try to help me?!?!?”

  5. Wow, talk about bad attitude………I hope she felt foolish later

  6. Holy cow! And you STOPPED, to help!

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