From the Evan Files

Before I begin, my father is doing well. Thanks for the cyber-support.  Writing about it was therapeutic.  Our family is grateful that this happened as it did and he was with people who could help.  Now that we know what this is, we can work with that. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To balance out from my previous post, I have a few gems to report from my visit with my nephews this weekend.  My sister had a small family party to celebrate Matthew’s 2nd birthday.  He’s talking some and makes the best facial expressions, but it is the stuff that Evan comes up with that just has our faces hurting from laughing.

Gem #1:

Evan was sitting on Pipi’s (my dad) lap and they were talking about the family day he had at school last week.  There was a pinata.

Pipi: What ever happened with that pinata?
Evan: It broke.  There was A LOT of candy in it!
Pipi: Who broke it?
Evan: Everyone.
Pipi: Everyone had a turn, but who opened it?
Evan: (thinking…)
Mimi (my mom) reminds Evan that it was Pipi who cracked it open.
Evan: (with GREAT enthusiasm) You saved the day, Peep!!!

Gem #2:

We’re all sitting around the table enjoy the b-day cake that my sister Carrie – Evan’s Mama – made.

Pipi/Papa: This is great cake, Carrie.
Me: Yeah, Carrie, really great.
Evan: Great cake, Carrie!

Gem #2a:

On the heals of the above gem, we decide to discuss people’s names.

Mimi/Mum:  Evan, do you know who Priscilla is?
Evan: No
M: Do you know who Bill is?
E: No
M: If Mrs. Mart was here, what would she call Mimi?
E:  I don’t know.
M: Mimi’s friends call her Priscilla.  So who is Bill.
E: Pipi.
M:  Good. Do you know what Auntie E’s name is.
E: Auntie E.
M: Do you know what Auntie E’s friends call her?
E: (looooooooong pause & consideration) A packrat!!

Clearly he has be confused with Uncle Wade.


~ by zuzu on November 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “From the Evan Files”

  1. Classic! Why are kids SO funny????

  2. Sounds like you all had a great time. That last discussion is a real zinger!

  3. Hahahahaha!!!! 😀

  4. I love it! My nephews say the best things, too. I’m sure my niece will someday, but too young yet.

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