It Happened So Fast!

Thursday (11 days ago):

I walked out of work with Lori as usual and I joked with her that I was in such pain that I might fall over.  I was half serious.  I was hurting.  But I had been going to a chiropractor for a few weeks now and after every visit I felt so much better.  He had assured me it was my SI Joint and not a disc, so with adjustments and therapy, I would recovery soon.  Every Tuesday & Thursday evening I planned to have my quick adjustment and I knew I’d be feeling ok for awhile.

After my adjustment that night I was not feeling the Chrio-Love. 

Friday (10 days ago):

I didn’t sleep well that night.  Oh well, it was almost the weekend and I could catch up then.  Shower, make up, half dressed… No, this was not going to happen. I was in too much pain.  I called out of work and decided to just lie flat and hope for the best

I called the chiro and asked him for help.  He gave me some stretches and called in a muscle relaxer.  Surely this would work.

Saturday (9 days ago):

Sleep didn’t work well again.  My foot was now starting to tingle and that I was sure was not a good sign.  I called the chiro again and he said I could come in.  Of course, this was to the alternate office which was 30 minutes away, but if it resulted in being not in pain, I’d take it.  Adjustments, stretching, tears…no improvement.  He called the hospital and set up an appointment for Monday morning with a orthopedic surgeon.

Sunday, 3 AM:

I could no longer take the pain.  Wade took me to the ER.  2 hours and a dose of pain medication later and I was headed home with an order for an MRI on Monday morning.  Percocet got me through Sunday.


I awaited the phone call to schedule the MRI.  Nothing.  When I called to find out what was happening, it turns out there was a mishap with the paperwork.  We worked through that and I had an MRI scheduled for at afternoon. 

3:30 PM – MRI.  It was very painful trying to hold completely still, but I held my breath and my tears and made it through.

Tuesday, 1 AM:

I had to go back to the ER.  The pain was unbearable.  While there, the doctors were able to review my MRI!  The partner of the spinal surgeon was on call and said that I needed to be seen ASAP and he’d make that happen.

Tuesday, 1 PM:

Back at the ER, but this time “by appointment”. The spinal surgeon said I needed to be in there ASAP and he was surprised I hadn’t been admitted.  This is what he saw (this is someone else, but it gives you the idea).


See that thing plunging into the white thing?  That’s a disc.  It’s not supposed to do that.  The white thing is the sciatic nerve and another important nerve.  Not good. In my case, the disc above that was also herniated.

Tuesday evening I was admitted and surgery was scheduled for the following night.  It was a long night – I was awakened frequently from pain and vital sign checks. 


I was told at 5 AM that my surgery would be after 2:30 PM.  Ok…  At 8 AM they came in and said I was going then.  I was alone and I was scared and I cried.  So they put me under. 

I woke a few hours later and I was already so much better.  As it turns out the thing in the above picture that is hitting the nerve was practically detached so they had to take it out completely. 

6 PM:  I was walking!


I went home.


So here we are 11 days after it began.  I’m feeling much better.  I can walk, but that’s about it.  I’m confined to a seated or lying position for several weeks for recovery.  I’m out of work for a long time – probably until the end of the year.  The feeling has not come back in my right foot yet, but this is to be expected.  I have improvement and that is a good sign.  It could be several weeks before the feeling comes back in full. 

I’m incredibly grateful that the surgeon saw need to look closer and did.  I’m glad this happened so fast so I didn’t have time to think about it. And I’m glad I know what severe pain is…and I will not take minor pain or feeling in my foot for granted.


~ by zuzu on November 24, 2008.

9 Responses to “It Happened So Fast!”

  1. OUCH! and thank you for churning my stomach with the picture! i hope you get better soon! and take it easy!

  2. How stunningly awful! I hope your pets give you lots of therapeutic warmth with their cuddling in the coming weeks.

  3. oh honey…that sounds horrible! I hope you are feeling better soon and W is taking very good care of you. We will have to schedule a visit soon…can you drink?

  4. I am so glad you’re ok! I will be on the lookout for the world’s most adorable flats. Yes, our priorities are SO in order. xoxo

  5. Yikes! Glad you were able to get the care you needed!

  6. Girl!

    Glad you’re feeling better.


    Keep getting better.

  7. PS Elizabeth, in my Nov 21st entry, I thanked you for the Arte y Pico award you gave me back in August, and also gave you an I-Heart-Your-Blog award. This award doesn’t come with any obligatory set of rules, so while it may not have the effect of a Tylenol 3, at least it doesn’t add to your workload. 🙂

  8. elizabeth! that’s so scary! i’m really glad you made it out of surgery and it sounds like you had good care.

    it had to have been horribly painful. how did you originally hurt your back?

  9. Holy cow! I am glad you are ok. Take care and I hope you are back to normal as soon as possible!

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