Jellyfish Ink

My blog friend lavenderbay has brought it to my attention that I have failed to share the story of how Wade & I met and got together.  I was sure that I had written about this so I went hunting in the archives and realized that with all my posts in the category “Wade” there is very little mention of our story with the exception of a brief mention last year on his birthday.  How very fitting that my love will be celebrating his 36th birthday on Thursday! 

Let’s travel back in time to May 2003…

Part 1:

An email came in at work and it was addressed to the entire staff.  It was from Wade and the subject was “Jellyfish Ink.”  Wade was a boat building teacher where we were both employed and my dear friend & publicist, Mike, had arranged for some great press about one of his classes.  W designed and taught teams of two (teen & adult) how to build the boat together.  The style of the boat was called a jellyfish. The email that he sent was requesting any extra copies of the article so he could send one to his grandmother. 

So those people who have experienced receiving an email from Wade know that it is unusual.  The man can write and he does write.  He writes the way he does most everything.  Something that would normally take someone 5 minutes to do, takes him an hour.  For example:  Kraft Macaroni & Cheese should take less than ten minutes to make; it takes Wade an hour.  I’m not kidding.  Wade writes like he makes macaroni & cheese.

This simple email was one of the greatest things I have ever read.  I replied and told him that I was sorry that I couldn’t help, but I was wondering if he was a writer when he wasn’t boat building.  His response that arrived several hours later noted that this was the greatest compliment he had received since 8th grade and, no, he doesn’t write.  The email was three pages long.  Our correspondence continues like this – several times a day for over 2 weeks. 

(At this point, I had been employed with the Museum for over almost two years and had laid eyes on Wade maybe three times and spoken to him once. )

In our emails I was introduced to his Land Rover love (I was warned…).  He had purchased a Land Rover on eBay, refurbished it, and he sold it.  May 19, 2003, he sold the Land Rover and he invited me on it’s final journey before it was no longer his.  Someone else joined us and I pretended I wasn’t annoyed.  I sat in the back behind him and hidden behind my sunglasses was able to watch him in the rear-view mirror.

That afternoon, Wade showed up at my office.  I had an office with a door to the outside (it was amazing; I miss that office).  We sat in my office with the screen door open and talked. For 4 hours.  We were starving by this time and walked to the local Chinese take-out place, ordered and brought our dinner to the park.  It was an amazing evening full of non-stop talk, honest revelations and friendship.

Oh, did I fail to mention?  Wade had a girlfriend. A girlfriend that he had been with for 7 years, owned a house & a dog, and, well, he didn’t like her. But his life was comfortable. Not happy, but comfortable. 


coming tomorrow:  what is bubble gum fudge & why would someone make it?  who will go to a third-world country?  will Wade be happy?  will Wade & Elizabeth end up together?  stay tuned…


~ by zuzu on December 2, 2008.

6 Responses to “Jellyfish Ink”

  1. I BET I know how this story ends 🙂

  2. Wait? you mean I’m not getting full credit for this relationship? Hmmm! 😉

  3. I love this story….

  4. I’m feeling much less annoyed now at how badly my computer’s been acting up for the past three days. If it were working better, I probably would have read this post yesterday and had to wait a day before seeing the next installment. I’m going there right NOW!

  5. Hi!

    Nice Blog! Happy to keep following this!

  6. Loving this story–I love that this place brought you together!

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