Bubble Gum Fudge

Our story continues, but we first need to rewind a tiny bit…

Prior to the emailing, I ran into Wade once at a bake shop/gift shop. One of the popular items for sale – besides our coffee & morning pastry – was fudge.  Among the many flavors – the usual chocolate, peanut butter, M&M – was bubble gum.  Who in their right mind would even consider bubble gum as a good flavor for fudge?  Wade.  The man who will eat anything.  He bought the fudge. There were a few people there and we all concurred that this was a mistake. 

Fast forward to the weeks of our emailing…

Once day I received a manila envelope in the inter-office mail.  Inside was a film canister with a note attached.  The note said the the contents were not tasty, but they could be used as an air freshener.  I didn’t open the canister.  I knew the contents were the bubble gum fudge. 

This is the story I shared with Mum that day.  She didn’t say it to me then, but later when all was as it should be, she shared that this was the moment that she knew he was special.

Now we continue from our evening of Chinese food in the park…

Wade was happier.  Happier than he’d been in years and he was very open about this.  But how could I know?  He had a girlfriend and although I was falling hard, I was not going to be “the other woman”.  He was falling too and he said to me that if he wasn’t in this relationship he would have “fallen in love me yesterday.” 

But he made his decision.  The one that would make him happy for once and not necessarily putting everyone else’s feelings before his.  And he ended it with her.  It wasn’t easy for anyone.  Emotions were out of control for everyone.  Emotions aside, there were legal issues, friend issues, dog issues, and more.  It was not fun.  Our relationship was put to the test from the first second that we decided to be together.

Then one afternoon, Wade came to my apartment and he said, “I’m leaving.”  WHAT? After all of this, you’re leaving??  LEAVING?  LEAVING?  You are NOT leaving!!

“I’m going to Honduras.”

I remember in that split second thinking a million different things: He’s leaving me. He doesn’t love me. He’s moving to a 3rd-world country to escape it all. Where did this come from? Should I move to Honduras?  But I said, “What? When? Why?” and the tears were already flowing.

He quickly explained, that he was asked to go to Honduras for one month.  He wasn’t leaving me (permanently), he was only going for a short time.  The short time started in 3 weeks.  He was going to the Mosquito Coast to a tiny village in Honduras.  The village was one of very few that had their own saw mill. They would trek to the forest with their donkeys and cut down mahogany trees and drag the trees back to their village to be milled.  Of course mahogany is extremely valuable and this was their sole source of income.  The use of donkeys was their only means of transport and each trip was long and threatened the lives of the animals who were subjected to strain, dehydration & exhaustion.  Wade was asked to go to this village and teach the people how to build boats.  They were long, flat bottomed boats – meant to fit in their very narrow waterways – in order to transport the mahogany on the water.  It would increase production since the transport time would be reduced and it would spare the lives of the donkeys. 

It was such an amazing opportunity. There was no question – he had to do this. As for us, this would be our second big test – if we could make it through this, I was sure we’d make it through it all. 

But would we make it?  Would he fall in love with a Honduran village lady?  How will the giant NYC blackout impact our relationship?  What will Legal Seafood have to do with our future? 

More tomorrow…


~ by zuzu on December 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bubble Gum Fudge”

  1. you’re teasing me so much with this story….

    I think i’m….>gulpgulpgulp<

    I think…..I’m going to throw up.


    Love ya. Mean it.

    Hope you laughed.


  2. Oh, AAAAAAaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!
    No, really, this is great! What kind of organization were you both working for? Did you write about it in an earlier post?

  3. Bubble gum fudge?? Ew.

    Can’t wait to hear more!

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