Meet my new Lovelies.

A couple weeks ago I had my post-surgery follow up appointment.  Of course Wade & I had numerous questions for the doc:  How much longer until the feeling in my leg returns? How did all of this happen? When can I go back to work? Am I allowed to drive now?  What am I NOT allowed to do? 

But there was one question that sat in my mind while talking with the doc.  The question that I had been of which I had been fearing the answer:  Will I have to throw away/sell all of my shoes?  Will I ever walk in them again????  (all this while clutching my chick-lit novel, Shoe Addicts Anonymous… I kid you not.)

The answer, thankfully, was I am able to keep my shoes and I will be able to wear them.  Just not real soon.

Immediately with my free time, I reviewed the shoes in my shopping cart and decided not to hit “check out” but search far and wide for more lovelies for the wall-o-shoes.  And these are the lovelies I found…and now own.

These are Via Spiga Piano White Heels.  Not only are the fabulous, but they fit perfectly and I feel fall into the category of “one of the only acceptable pair of white shoes.”  Also due to the prominent black, I don’t think Memorial Day or Labor Day need dictate when I wear them.  I will defer to my Shoeru pal Molly for further consultation, however.


These are Calvin Klein Hazel Wedges.  It isn’t clear in the photo, but the wedge itself is silver…like reflecting silver.  They are A.Mazing.  And with a wedge, I’ll have more stability than in a normal heel, so you all need not worry about me falling over (same with the Via Spigas actually…).  The fit like they were made for me, too. 

And, the piece de resistance…

Yup.  Prada.
Crocodile Sling-back.
Prada box.  Original price tag (which would make you faint!). Original Bergdorf Goodman tissue paper. 
For. An. Absolute.STEAL!!!!! 


~ by zuzu on December 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “Meet my new Lovelies.”

  1. Acceptable because they are not all white. Prada love. And I own that book (shock) and the sequel 🙂

  2. congrats! how long do you have to wait though? and when did he say you would get the feeling back? do you feel anything at all? a tingling?

  3. oh…pretty. But, they would make me fall down.

  4. The Via Spigas really are lovely. What a great way to encourage your recuperation!

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