Snow & Snow Dog

We New Englanders have been reminded of our typical winters the past few weeks.  I often reminisce in summer about how much I love winter and snow and then winter and snow rolls around and I’m reminded that, no, I don’t love it.  It’s pretty the first time.  Maybe the second.  I love the snow days, assuming the snow day starts at home and not mid-day when everyone is released from work and set to fend for themselves on the roads.  There is one member of my family who is supposed to love snow.  I wouldn’t say ‘love’ is the right word seeing as under most circumstances she’ll go outside, stop short, turn and look at me with that face: “Really?  You expected me to ‘do business’ in this??”

She may not love it, but she looks great in it.


And just some other snowy shots…

(I love this one!)



~ by zuzu on January 8, 2009.

9 Responses to “Snow & Snow Dog”

  1. I don’t care how politically incorrect it is – she looks great in fur!

  2. oh alex! SO CUTE!!!!
    i can’t handle it!

  3. So a snowfall is just like a waterfall? Sometimes it seems that way when we wake up to several inches of it.
    You had wind as well as snow, it seems. I love the picture of Alex’s horizontal tail hair and cockeyed ruff!

  4. Snow is great, as long as you have nothing to do, are not on the road and have someone else to shovel the walk. But Alex does look wonderful it.

  5. Great winter shots. Trixie used to sit out in the snow for hours, oblivious to the cold!

  6. My pup loves the snow, too. Great fun. My front yard looks like Oscar had to jump in every square foot to show he’d been there. All the other yards in the neighborhood look so pretty and nice and mine looks like I had a party trampling it.

    and that last photo IS cool!

  7. She looks lovely!

    We’ll send some more snow from Vermont if you need it!

  8. Wow, that is one beautiful dog…….(and I’m a cat)

  9. Such a pretty dog!

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