A Meme from Facebook…16 Things

My sister tagged me with this Meme on Facebook and I figured I’d post here, it would link there and then I’d kill 2 birds with one stone!  Here we go!

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. I’ll tag through FB, but feel free to take the Meme anyway!

1.  I listen to audiobooks in the car.  This past year I listened to The Fountainhead and it took me almost 6 weeks.

2.  Number 3 on my sister’s version of this made me cry.

3.  I’ve had snail salad once.  It was terrible.

4.  I sometimes regress back to college and feel homesick on Sunday nights.  There is a very distinct feeling I had when my mom or dad would drive me back to school on a Sunday evening.  It’s now a mix of nostalgia and hurt. 

5.  I just (this very moment) got one half of Final Jeopardy correct!

6.  Wade & I just bought a new TV… Because we got a Wii.  Not because we wanted a new TV.  Just for the Wii…

7.  I fear that my dream of being a professional dog groomer has flown out the window since the whole back surgery thing.

8.  Black tea gives me heartburn.

9.  I’ve never been on a roller coaster and I have no intention of every doing so.

10. Grrrr.  I just finished this and it didn’t save.  I lost the last 6 items!  Grrrrr!!!!!  And now I can’t remember them!!

11.  I am afraid that one day Wade is going to resent me for not wanting children.  We’ve had the conversation many, many times, but I’m still worried.

12.  I sing along to Kanye West – specifically ‘Gold Digger’ – but will not say the N-word when he does.  Despite being alone in my car.

13.  I am currently going through something that I desperately  want to write about but I can’t!  Yet.  I will eventually so sit tight.

14.  I own over 700 books.

15.  I’m done with people talking about football.  I just don’t care that the Mannings aren’t going.  Please, please, please stop talking about it!!!

16.  I’m selling a Wii Fit on eBay – less than 3 hours left!!


~ by zuzu on January 13, 2009.

7 Responses to “A Meme from Facebook…16 Things”

  1. regarding number 7…maybe instead of being a groomer, you could own a self serve dog wash like my friend rebecca. her shop is so cool and her clients are amazing.

  2. #12 cracks me up….

  3. I had a thought about #7 and a compliment for #12. See what I get for arriving late!
    #7. Would it be possible to specialize in small-breed grooming?
    #12. I laughed out loud at this one. Succinctly put!

  4. I don’t say the n-word either! Hahaha.

  5. Can you tell me what #13 is all about? HUH????? And I am sorry…. didn’t mean to make you cry…

  6. wow….i never would have guessed the p word…but….i don’t really know you.

    but still…

    …i have a guess of my own…

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