And the phobia strikes again.

Right now I am aware of several people who have a stomach bug.  I have not been around these people and have no plans to be (except one) in the near future.  So why would I be freaking out inside?  Why is my phobia taking ahold of me? 

My sister is sick.  I haven’t seen her since Christmas, so it is likely that I won’t be infected.  I talked to her on the phone yesterday, but I can’t catch it that way.  My friend’s daughter was sick and passed it to her husband.  We’re supposed to go to their house on Sunday for the Super Bowl and I’ve anxiety now for three days about it! 

I want it to stop.  I want the phobia to go away.  Wade says I’m doing better, but sometimes I find it hard to believe.  Like now… I’m anxious.  When I get anxious, I feel nauseous.  When I feel nauseous, I immediately assume that I have some horrible stomach plague.  Which in turn adds to my anxiety.  I cannot make it stop. 

It’s days like today that I want to lock my doors, hide under a blanket and be safe from the germs of the world.


~ by zuzu on January 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “And the phobia strikes again.”

  1. Irrational fears. Humph.
    I told my irrational fear that someone will enter the apartment because they still have a key to it. The person I was talking to said that he has an irrational fear of little fuzzy yellow chicks. At least your fear has some basis in reality! 🙂

  2. Well don’t feel alone, although if you know that you have emetophobia chances are you know you are not alone. I was doing quite well myself. It had been years since the ugly phobia had reared its head for me. I used to be super thin do to the facts that you stated above, the bug goes around and the anxiety causes what could be stomach bug like symptoms! Its rather a never ending funnel of hell! So I have two kids and have become rather used to sickness, and am pretty content in life right now so my phobia had gone to the back burner, I put on some weight, didn’t obsess over it anymore and went about life feeling like wow, I am so much better than I used to be. I have a great job and awesome coworkers and we work in an office! So long story short the bug is going around and has started taking off one coworker at a time! Another coworker ended up doing the deed right in the bathroom at work yesterday which I promptly had someone lysol!!! I still won’t go in there though. So I have been near the brink of starvation since this stupid thing began which I believe aids in myself not feeling well and dizzy, nauseous etc. Oh it was a good couple of years not having to deal with this sooo much. So far so good with my kids though. *knock on wood* I will be in for a huge panic if they end up with it too…….well anyway I am right with you on your feelings! You are most definitely not alone as I am feeling exactly the same as you right now!

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