Can a UPS guy go postal?

Lori and I walked through the UPS store yesterday morning as we always do on our morning run to Starbucks.  This time, however, Lori actually had something to send, so we stopped at the counter.  While she handled that, I checked out the snowglobe on the counter.  It was a normal snowglobe… it had a UPS store in it.  (Aw, how cute.) There was snow (hence, the snowglobe) and amongst said snow were some “S”‘s.

Me: What are the ‘S”s about?
UPS man: Depends on who you ask.
UPS man: Not really! A lot of people don’t know, but the UPS store is actually a franchise!  (he’s irritated suddenly) And UPS is our competition!  They take business from ME! 
Me:  Oh… so, yeah. I didn’t know that.  Does it stand for “Stupid.”
UPS man: Depends on who you ask.

Lori and I decided that perhaps we would avoid crossing by Mr. UPS STORE man on our way back to work.  Who, evidently, is very bitter about UPS as a whole (despite brandishing their logo on his clothes…just sayin’).


~ by zuzu on March 12, 2009.

6 Responses to “Can a UPS guy go postal?”

  1. “s” is for “sour grapes” perhaps, mister ups franchise man?

  2. Doesn’t sound like it stood for “Service with a Smile,” at any rate.

  3. “Surprisingly Shite Service” most likely! Sounds like the guy needs Smiles, Sleep, and Serenity in his Sad life!

  4. Hello! I work in the public relations department for The UPS Store, and I apologize for the rude behavior of this franchisee. Your experience certainly doesn’t reflect the type of service we strive to provide all customers. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this situation directly with the owner, if you would be willing to identify where this center is located. If you wouldn’t be comfortable doing so, it would be useful to know the general part of the country where you live. Again, our deepest apologies to you and your friend. If given the opportunity to serve you again, we hope your experience will be far more pleasurable.

  5. Sounds like the guy could use a different type of job, maybe??? 😉

  6. Uh-oh, busted by UPS corporate. And last week I got comments by not one but two agents who sent me a rejection letter like 15 years ago that I posted as one of my “random rejection” posts. If we can’t hide on the Internet, where can we hide???

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