I love IKEA.

The title of this post really says it all.  Need I write more? 

Ok.  I will.

I went to IKEA yesterday.  Love it.  Although the trek through the store is exhausting, it still makes me happy.  My newest additions to home will make me even happier.  There is assembly required so I’m hoping that tonight post-Wii Fit yoga I’ll feel energized enough to tackle the project. 

Interesting, Wade who is a carpenter by trade cannot stand to assemble IKEA furniture.  He looks at the furniture pieces and can visualize how they go together and can do it.  I, on the other hand, need to follow the directions – picture by picture by picture (because the directions are in Sweedish).  And, although a very poor direction follower, I can assemble IKEA furniture without even a peep of a swear word!  So when it comes to IKEA furniture, that “carpentry” falls into my category of things-to-be-done-around-the-house.  If Wade does it, it might break.  The Sweedish pictures anger him. 

So here is what I got:

POÄNG Footstool cushionPOÄNG Chair cushion

(the red recliner is going to the cat room for my reading pleasure.)

ARVID Work bench

(this matches our exisiting bar/buffet table)


(the picture does not do this justice…that makes me sad.  These are spectacular!)

I wanted to get an 11 qt. stock pot for $9.99 but they were sold out! 

What would you get at IKEA??


~ by zuzu on March 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “I love IKEA.”

  1. Well done you! Love the pieces you got! Not sure what I’d get since I’ve not been to an Ikea store yet. Hoping to get to the one in Cincinnati, Ohio this year! (It only opened around Christmas)

  2. I bought a wok for $7. That was the best! I love IKEA linens and I bet those pillows rock. I got my duvet cover there and online it didn’t do it justice. The chair looks comfy, too…. does it rock/bounce?

  3. I have that exact same chair and footstool. The chair frame is now in the attic after Dennis ate the cushion, but before that happened, it was very comfortable …

    My wife hates shopping at IKEA because she says she gets lost in the store. I like it though!

    • Sounds like your wife needs some retail therapy. Baby steps with IKEA….one section at a time and take rest stops in the make-shift living rooms.

  4. We had an Ikea chair very much like that one until puppy Cai ate one of the arms.
    I, too, like their bright, happy bedclothes.

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