I smell like a chimney

As a result of the aforementioned maple syrup potential disaster, I smell terrible.  My entire house and all the contents of the home smell like extremely burnt sugar.  It’s on my clothes and in my hair.  It follows me wherever I go.  I feel like PigPen from Peanuts…I think others can see a cloud circling around me. 

I need some remedies and fast.  The scent in my hair is currently being masked Victoria’s Secret body spray (shout out to Alicia!) and Febreeze and a clean linen plug-in (shout out to Lori!).  But this won’t last all day and I don’t want to drive away my co-workers with overwhelming perfumey scents.

Also, eventually I need to address the scent of my home.  Help!  How do I get rid of the burnt sugar smell??


~ by zuzu on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “I smell like a chimney”

  1. Good Luck! Open windows as much as possible, heat pots of lemon and water, or cinnamon, cloves, etc. in water on stove. I believe you can use cat litter to help remove smoke scent from some items too. Boxes of open baking soda set about. Used fabric softner sheets tucked in books, etc. help.

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