Shout Out or Rant…Take Your Pick

I hardly ever (knock on wood) experience traffic going to or from work that could be classified as anything more than “too many cars = movement slows down.”  In other words, I don’t really get stuck in the bumper-to-bumper, stopped in a parking lot, non-moving sea of cars.

Yesterday, however, was one of the rare days that this happened.  And because it rarely happens, I just don’t get to hot & bothered by it.  Instead I rolled down my window (because it was sunny and beatuiful) and continued to listen to “Pride and Prejudice” on audio-book. 

And then the “special” people showed up.  You know the special people.  The jerks who drive super fast in shoulder because they are so much more important than the other people and their final destination is for VIPs, of which s/he is one.  Traffic or no traffic, this jerk has to get there first.  Therefore, s/he has a special permission to fly by you at 75mph and drive where it is illegal.  I hate those people.

But then there is the other guy. 

This guy happened to be in the car directly behind me, so bonded over the idiots in the shoulder.  Wordlessly expressing our disdain with glare and shaking of our heads.  Then suddenly, this guy – who I thought was my friend (!!) pulled into the shoulder.  I was angry with him for a split second until I realized that he was not going to speed up and pretend he was important.  Rather, he pulled up next to my car and kept pace with me.  In doing so, the line of cars behind him the shoulder were forced to be stuck in traffic too.

HA!  Take that! 

Shout out to that guy.  And shame on the rest of them.


~ by zuzu on April 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Shout Out or Rant…Take Your Pick”

  1. I love that guy!!

  2. Mwahahaha!

  3. Brilliant! The others are not only engaging in illegal activity, but it is just so bloody dangerous! I have no patience for drivers like that.

  4. I love that guy too! He rules!

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