Drama-Free Zone & Sushi!

As the end of last week approached, I was secretly giddy just thinking about all the material I’d have to write about this week since I was to attend a sit down dinner with The Crazy One.  I had some dread going into the weekend, but kept the hope of good stories in the back of my mind. 

Well, I’m certainly glad I didn’t offer coming attractions, because what a disappointment that would have been! 

There was zero drama.  Nothin’!  She was normal…like an adult.  We had an awesome dinner together.  Granted there were 20 people there and we were seated at complete opposite ends of the table, but these were huge strides from where we have come from. 

The dinner was for Wade’s (and my) friend’s 40th birthday.  His amazing wife threw him an Asian themed dinner – complete with make-your-own sushi roll and spectacular sushi from a local restaurant.  She made Kung Pow everything.  Sapporo was stocked, as was pear-flavored saki.  And no party at their home is complete without proper attire being encouraged (these are the same peeps who threw the mullet party).

Wade and I took the costume portion very seriously:

This is me showing off my very own sushi roll. 

And Wade with his sushi roll…Clearly trying to show up everyone else.  He took the presentation very seriously.

And a moment to brag about my love… Look at the sushi boat.  Gorgeous, no?  Wade made it.  He’s the coolest.  I think it is sea-worthy. 
He never ceases to amaze me…


~ by zuzu on April 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Drama-Free Zone & Sushi!”

  1. what a cool party! you guys look so cute!

  2. Mmmm, sushi. And I could definitely see Stuart Little sailing that boat somewhere.

  3. It really was a wonderful party! I’m glad we all had such a great time! Wade did a beautiful job on the boat, it was the perfect centerpiece! I can’t wait to see you at the next party!!

  4. How fun! Did you enjoy EATING the food? Making it is always fun. Your costumes were fab. Love the photos.

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