Meme Boudoir

Thank you to S Le for hooking me up with a meme.  I have some stuff for another dog park post, but the visual aids sit at home asleep in my camera.  More on that tomorrow. 

But, I received a tag with the request to post three photos of scenes from my bedroom.  As most of the time my room is an unsightly mess because both Wade & I despise putting away laundry, the initial thought of this meme cause a surge of anxiety.  It quickly passed – no worries. 

Scene 1: What room would be complete without some art.  And art is in the eye of the beholder, no? For a more detailed view you can revisit here.



Scene 2:
This is the view of my bed when I aim the camera directly to the foot of the bed. She is my own personal electric blanket, minus the electric part. I’m sure you’re concerned that we are cramping her style.  Don’t worry, she growls at us if we move or disturb her sleep in any way at all.



Scene 3: 
This is what you see if you were to be in my spot on the bed and turn to the left.  We wouldn’t want her to be cold, so she gets whatever blankets she requires.  She sleeps under covers all year…to the point where she gets so hot in the summer she gets sick.  She’s not right, that one…but she sure is cute. And yes, that’s Wade in the background…he gets a small portion of the bed too. Sometimes.



Consider yourself tagged…


~ by zuzu on April 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Meme Boudoir”

  1. “she’s not right, that one” funny stuff.

  2. I knew that this would involve shoes …

  3. Beautiful shoes. Cute dogs. Husband isn’t bad either!

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