B&Bs…A Poll


I’m just back from a brief yet great vacation with my love and my 2 pups.  Pictures and stories to come, but before I start with it, I have a poll / questionnaire for my readers.  This is also a ploy welcoming invitation to those lurkers – come out & comment!! 

Please leave a comment with your responses.

Please rate the following on a scale of 1-10 (1 being strongly agree; 10 being oh, Hell no!!!!):

1.  When staying at a bed & breakfast, the innkeeper should be welcoming and greet me upon my arrival, show me to my room and ask if I would like suggestions of things to do in the area.

2.  The B&B innkeeper should make restaurant recommendation and set your eating schedule (i.e., eat breakfast now and then skip lunch and have an early dinner.)

3.  The B&B innkeeper should turn down my bed ever evening while I am at dinner.

4.  The B&B innkeeper should make my bed every morning.

Now for some multiple choice:

5.  The innkeeper should enter my room:
     a. 1-3 times max
     b. 1-3 times per day
     c. never

6.  The innkeepers responsibilities should include:
     a.  making breakfast
     b.  keeping the general public area of the inn clean & tidy & welcoming
     c.  cleaning my room, including picking up clothes off the floor, folding them and placing them in my suitcase or hanging them
     d. picking up discarded clothing to be washed at home (i.e., panties, socks, etc) and placing them in a Wal-mart bag and hanging them on the doorknob
     e.  re-rolling my toothpaste tub so the remaining toothpast is near the top and not at the bottom
please select all that apply

Other questions, comments, concerns (of which I have many) are most welcome. 

C’mon, de-lurk…please.  And my usual readers, I am sure you’ll not hold back on this.


~ by zuzu on April 29, 2009.

8 Responses to “B&Bs…A Poll”

  1. i’m glad you made it back safely and i’m trying not to infer from your post that you had a psycho innkeeper that may or may not have followed you home. and that when you come home from work next….your toothpaste tube isn’t re-rolled.

  2. If I may respond generally – – When I go to a B&B I would like a warm welcome, be shown to my room, make breakfast (at least that is the contract I have had with my prior inn keepers) and other than that leave me alone unless I ask to be bothered. But under no circumstances should they come into my room. Well, I take that back. If the room was burning down, then they can come in.

  3. I am almost afraid of your survey tone and wonder if I really want to hear the whole story. Maybe just tell me where you stayed so I don’t make the same choice 🙂

  4. um, that is just creepy…

  5. I’m also trying not to infer what Goodbear is trying not to infer, but it is not easy.

  6. i’m watching the news where a newscaster looks like she has 2 black eyes – i wonder if she had a nose job….or another job….


    BnB Stuff.
    1. Greet me – yes.
    2. Show me to my room – yes
    3. Not enter my room until I leave – yes
    4. Stay away from me – yes.
    5. Make me breakfast – yes.

    Do I fear the next installment? Yeh – I do. Is Norman Bates somehow in this story?

  7. Stongly agree to questions 1-5
    As for the multiple choice, the answers are as follows:
    5*A-only 1 time to clean my room and possible another time to deliver anything that we request or that they were not able to place in room at time of daily cleaning.
    6*A & B…they should not pick up your clothes, unless they are on the bed that they need to make. As for folding them, ummm, I don’t want anyone touching my stuff.

  8. I have never stayed at a B&B, but I am creeped out by the innkeepers being a little too familiar with me and my things. Yuck. Welcoming – yes, stalker-ish – no.

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