I cannot find the logic behind this

One of the jaunts we took on our mini-vaca was to the big LLBean in Freeport, ME. This was on Tuesday and the weather was HOT.  We’re talking 90+ degrees.  In April. In Maine.  We are good parents so we explored the many options on how to keep Mabel & Alex comfortable while on our journeys.

We have found that Mabel frowns upon being left alone – all the treats, fresh air, water and promises of a quick and speedy return will not appease our little pup.  I’m talking about leaving her in the car.  Alex is fine with this (although probably less so when her little sister won’t stop yapping).  But, again, we are good parents and we would NEVER leave the pups hanging in the car when it is hot out.

But Wade got a brilliant idea!  Leave the car running with the A/C on high, remove the remote from the key ring and head off to adventure. 

But the smart car people evidently don’t design it so you can leave your dogs with A/C.  It is not possible to lock the car with the remote when the car is running. 

You can, however, manually lock the doors behind you and they’ll stay locked. 

Yup.  They stay locked.  Even when you use the remote.  Still locked.  It doesn’t make sense… if we have the wherewithal to figure out away around your don’t-leave-your-car-running-and-walk-away loop hole, you shouldn’t punish us by making it impossible to get back in the car! 

Some positive factors to consider…I have AAA & I had the card readily available; Ben & Jerry’s was across the parking lot (note milkshakes); my cell phone was on me!; I just purchased some super cute LLBean flip-flops (not related, but a positive)
Some negative factors to consider… my cell phone had  ONE bar remaining; it is Maine and cell service is touchy; Wade was not amused


Oh, and there was a big ol’ storm rolling in.

But AAA arrived within 30 minutes and opened the door in seconds.  And now we have a moderately amusing story to share at cocktail parties.


– When we got in the car it was about 40 degrees
– When we leave the pups, we check on them regularly – we don’t close the doors and wander for the day
– We both felt sufficiently guilty and horrible


~ by zuzu on May 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “I cannot find the logic behind this”

  1. The only thing I will report you for is not letting your sister buy you a gift of LLBean flip flops. Afterall, rumor has it she has a pretty good discount 😉

  2. oohhh…LLBean flip flops.

    AND, you are the world’s best doggie mommy…anyone who even thinks about reporting you for abuse should get a kick in the pants.

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