Analyze This.

Codybear was talking about dreams yesterday and that brings to mind two that I had while I was vacation.  The two are unrelated – at least on the surface.  I’ve looked it up in my handy-dandy dream book & fortune telling through dream book and I’m not getting  much help.  So my lovely readers, analyze me!


I am sitting in our breakroom at work with many co-workers.  We are all at one table, sitting very close together.  I have grapes as part of my lunch, but the grapes are “past their prime” and I have to cull out the ones that have the soggy-on-my-way-to-being-a-raisin parts.  My co-worker sitting right next to me also has grapes and hers are the large, crisp ones.  For some reason she is eating my culled grapes, however. 

She gets very upset with me because my grapes are bad.  In retaliation, she grabs me and flings me over the table and into the corner by the garbage can.  I lie on the floor (’cause it hurt!!) and while there I am visited by a porcupine.  The porcupine is brown and waddles over to me.  I’m told that if I pet it, it will be soft and won’t poke me with quills.  I do so and it is soft.  The porcupine arranges himself under my head as a pillow.  He smells like coffee.


I am at a carwash.  It is the type of carwash where you pay at a pay-station, put your car in neutral and then glide through the carwash.  Before I approach, Wade gets out of the car and stands off to the side and watches.  I cannot, for the life of me, find the right button to pay, but there are HUNDREDS of buttons and games to play. 

My car continues to roll through the carwash but remains unwashed because I cannot find the right button to pay.  I look back around and can see that Wade is getting incredibly frustrated with me for not getting the car washed.  This repeats several times. 

Then I see a game where you are given a baseball.  You through the baseball into the carwash in some convaluted pattern and based on your percentage of accuracy you get a credit towards your carwash.  I got 4%.  Not good.  As I am pulling back around to try again, I see an ambulance going through the wash and they too have not figured out how to pay.

I wake before getting the car washed.


~ by zuzu on May 14, 2009.

One Response to “Analyze This.”

  1. I enjoy dreams that have such interesting plots, don’t you? Here’s my two-cent analysis:

    1. Dreams often borrow the imagery of proverbs and other such sayings. Since raisins have a higher sugar content than fat, crisp ones, is it possible that your co-worker exhibits “sour grapes” often? She sounds jealous of your good fortune. The bit about the porcupine is fascinating. Have you been challenged lately to “stretch yourself” — to trust that an action will have better results than you fear it might?

    2. Driver-seat dreams frequently symbolize one’s control over one’s circumstances (I often dream of driving from the passenger or back seat!) . I’m also wondering if this dream was a subconscious re-cap of your locked-door episode, complete with manufacturers’ illogical games that push your buttons, no payoff (the doors wouldn’t open) and an AAAmbulance?

    That was fun!

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