It’s all the rage!

I’m having some mixed feelings about this whole Facebook rage. 

I’ve had my account for about a year and a half. I think.  It was really fun at first… looking up those from my past.  High school & college friends, ex-boyfriends, people I hoped would not age well, people I hoped would, clients, and other fun stuff.  The invited voyeurism of it all had its entertaining moments.

Then we moved onto the next step which was short-lived.  The applications.  Holy crap, who has time for all of that?  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the creators for the “Hide” option.

Then we moved into FB a daily/hourly “must do!”  Get to work, check work e-mail, check personal e-mail, check FB.  Repeat many times over the next nine hours.  Go home, check personal e-mail, check FB.  All of this, just so I can know how an acquaintance from 14 years ago feels about that day’s episode of Judge Judy?  Seems dumb when I put it that way.

However, it’s sort of a must. There are those handful of people who I enjoy seeing there and may otherwise not remain in contact.  That’s the positive.

Then a couple days ago, I hit a wall with FB.  That was when I received news about a friend (not on FB – Oh! The humanity!) from a friend (FB & otherwise) via a status update.  I have yet to receive the news from the friend to which the news belongs.  Getting the news from the other friend is fine, but I was bothered by the impersonalness (According to spellcheck this is a word I invented. Thank you.) of how it was communicated.  I mean no offense to either of them. 

My issue is more in general.  For example, if I receive a promotion at work, I would tell my family &  friends via the old-fashioned methods of a phone call or a face-to-face conversation (*gasp*).  It doesn’t seem necessary or right for FB friend “Suzy’s” sophomore year, drunken hook-up also receive that news via  a status update.  Am I wrong?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check my live news feed.


~ by zuzu on December 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “It’s all the rage!”

  1. It does sound problematic. I stopped blogging, in part, because someone who knows me from real life kept crashing the klatsch; I just didn’t want her keeping up with my news. I could NEVER do the Facebook/Twitter/et cetera thing.

    But I miss you all, and am going to take another stab at blogging. Drop by, Elizabeth, and win a dishcloth! 🙂

  2. totally understand!

  3. I have a feeling *I* was the one that shared that news, and for that, I’m sorry. I was just excited and it actually crossed my mind that it would be a helpful way to spread that friend’s news.

    But, I totally see your point.

    And I just deleted about 15 high school “friends” that I don’t talk to/care what they’re up to/really don’t want another Farmville update from.

  4. I agree. I just consider it another way to catch up with a few people I it is fun to find that long lost friend every so often but I check only couple times a month. I can get sucked into Twitter but it’s mostly all about books.

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