Who is irdansoni4?

Pop quiz! Who is irdansoni4?

There is a great prize in store for whomever tells me. 

My identity was stolen.  That may be a bit harsh, because I’m not 100% sure what it means to have ones identity stolen.  I don’t think that this person is walking around the streets pretending to be me.  (If they are, I have a significant to-do list that the can take care of while being me)

I check my bank account regularly.  I’m a huge fan of the online banking.  But Sunday morning there were three “pending” charges for $1.00.  I didn’t recognize any of them so I checked with Wade and he didn’t know either. 

Sunday morning…hmmm…WHO is going to answer a phone at the bank?  Oddly, someone did and put my mind at ease.  He was able to trace all the charges to my credit card (versus Wade’s) and promptly canceled the card with a note on the account of suspected fraud. 

I did my research.  I called all three numbers listed next to the pending charges. All three apologized (which means nothing!) and told me they received my information from www.gofreecredit.com.  I wrote a scathing email to them because, as I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn, they don’t have a phone number. 

I felt a little better.  I had caught it quickly and did what I could at that point.  Then I got home last night and I had two form letters in the mail from two membership driven companies.  In the teeeeeny tiny fine print they said they were programs through Adaptive Marking, LLC.  A company who’s phone number I tracked down through google (thank you to all the people who have been cheated as well who shared the info).  I called them in their cushy offices in Nebraska and ripped into the guy.  Chad.  Or Jason?  I couldn’t understand, but I got his ID#. 

“WHY did you give out my information?”
“I didn’t.”
“Oh, but ya did.  Says so right here.”
“Oh, well maybe to those couple companies, but not all of them.”
“You said we could.”
“No, Chad, I didn’t.  FIX IT!!!!!” 

And now a brief break for some comic relief:

Chad gave me the most helpful information… he shared with me all of my personal information: name, address, phone number, credit card number, security code, expiration date, and ….  e-mail address. 

“Your info is blah, blah, blah and your email is irdansoni4@yahoo.com.”
“Say what? That’s is NOT my email.”
“That’s the emai you gave us.”

Clearly Chad is not getting it.  I didn’t give him any such information.  But Chad is trained in lying and deceiving, what more can I do?

My account is closed, Mr(s). irdansoni4. 

In conclusion:
1.  I want to find this person.
2.  Please make note of the above info and don’t let it happen to you.
3.  How funny is that Keenan Thompson video??  I just love that guy….


~ by zuzu on December 15, 2009.

One Response to “Who is irdansoni4?”

  1. eek – this reminds me that it was last Dec that my bank account got hit for a charge that I’m still mad that the bank allowed through because it was so ODD. but I had to close that account and I didn’t get as far as you did in figuring out how. Good for you for following up. Now I’m all nervous again.
    Happy Holidays!

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