Dogs and birds…they’re almost the same

I don’t know much about birds.  With the exception of the fact that they fly and have feathers, I’m not even sure that there is much more to know.  I’ve seen on those Animal Planet-type shoes that with falcons – and perhaps all birds – if caged one can cover their cage with a blanket they’ll go to sleep almost instantly.  True?  Bird people, feel free to correct me.

Anyway, I do know dogs.  And I know you can train dogs.  My Alex has got the basic commands down and being a not-real-active dog, there aren’t a whole lot more that we’re working on with her.

Mabel is a stubborn little one, so training her was more difficult.  Although extremely smart, she is apparently too smart for her own good.  But she’s master: Sit, Stay, Down (as in lie down), and Come. 

She’s also mastered Falcon. 

What is Falcon?  Well it’s a command personalized specifically for Mabel.  It’s similar to giving a child a time out and/or bedtime.  We stumbled upon this command by accident, but it has since come in handy.

We simply command, “Mabel, Falcon!” while holding a blanket up in a manner in which she can just go under the covers.  Once there (usually within 1 second) we cover her and she out like a light. 

At 2 am, however, sometimes these epiphanies don’t come so quickly.  Mabel has made a habit of needing to go outside for no particular reason anytime in the 2am-4am timeframe.  The other night after reaching my breaking point with the after midnight whining, I picked her up, dropped her on the bed, lifted the blanket and commanded “Falcon!” 

Almost immediately there were the soft sounds of a Beagle snoring… followed by my own slumber.


~ by zuzu on December 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Dogs and birds…they’re almost the same”

  1. is it possible to say ‘falcon’ to a teenager? because that is CLASSIC!

  2. Brilliant! Glad you’ve got that little behavioural problem under control.

  3. Ha ha, I don’t need to say “Falcon” to my teenager, he is always wishing he was asleep! Our Jack Russell will cover herself up with a blanket. The “Falcon” command would be great for her when people come over and she gets all excited – thanks for the idea!

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