Silly things that make me laugh

Mabel and Alex were curled up on the couch together keeping my feet warm.  Alex is very particular when she gets in her position and she does not want to be touched by her little sister at all.  If Mabel accidently moves or bumps in anyway, Alex lets out a tiny “grrrr”. 

Mabel got the hiccups.  First, what is funnier than a beagle with hiccups?  I’m not sure. 

With each hiccup she bumped Alex.

Alex “grrrrrr”ed.

Making Mabel “grrrrrr”. 

This went on for about 10 rounds of hiccups. 

Then Mabel got so worked up with grrrrring back at Alex that she forgot to have the hiccups. 

The both gave up and went back to sleep.  And I just kept giggling. 

I love my dogs.


~ by zuzu on January 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Silly things that make me laugh”

  1. that is so cute!!!
    what loves!

  2. yah, grrrr… super cute. grrrr….

  3. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a beagle with hiccups. But I imagine it would be pretty funny, because my younger Cardigan is nearly two and I STILL laugh every time he belches after his dinner.

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