Oh, Augusten

My commute 80 miles a day leaves me with plenty of time to enjoy a variety of “reading” via audio books.  With this, I have become fully obsessed with Augusten Burroughs. Obsessed on a deeper, literary (not literal) level… not an I’m-secretly-in-love-with-Ian-Somerhalder-level.

The man cannot write and record fast enough for me.

I have read some of his books but I’ve listened to all of them.  Getting the actual inflection that is intended with all of his words really makes such a difference. For example, I read Running with Scissors and although very well written, I could not help but feel so horrible for him through the entire book.  Then I listened to it and found that the dysfunctional stories were also quite hilarious.

Dry, Magical Thinking & Possible Side Effects are all compilations… linked short stories.  Again, they are loaded with dysfunction and tragedy, yet all interwoven with hilarity.

Then he wrote A Wolf At the Table and I immediately grabbed that from the library.  I was ready to laugh my way to work and home.  Not once did I crack a smile.  The book was so NOT funny, but spectacular.  It is easily the finest audiobook I have listened too.  And I was evidently not alone in thinking that as it was nominated for Audio Book of the Year.

I continue to be impressed with his ability to surprise me.  Going from extremely funny to heartbreakingly sad…  I’ll continue to stalk the “coming soon” book lists so I can get my fix of Augusten.  And I suggest you do too.


~ by zuzu on February 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Oh, Augusten”

  1. I read “running with scissors” and found it sad yet funny. It’s hard to believe it could be true but I know it was. His brother’s book, “Look Me in the Eye” is quite excellent as well. http://www.amazon.com/Look-Me-Eye-Life-Aspergers/dp/0307395987

  2. I read Scissors a while ago…. great book!

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