Live Blogging From the Hospital

I’m sitting in the hospital waiting room right now. Wade is having emergency surgery.  It’s not what one would classify as serious, but it is something that needed immediate attention.  Anyway, what a great location for live blogging AND a case of “People I’ve Seen!”


I should have started earlier since his surgery is going to be quick, but I know I’ll have his recovery time for goodies too.  I’m sitting next to a nurse right now.  I’m not sure why he is sitting here and not back “nursing” someone’s health but this is more entertaining.  He sat down and an old lady came right up to him and said, “You CAN’T be a doctor!”  My thoughts are, 1.) Why not? and 2.) He’s wearing scrubs, he obviously is something in the medical field.  He said he wasn’t, he was a nurse and she replied, “good! you’re too young!”  He told her there were many doctors younger then him and she replied, “That’s what I was a afraid of!” and stormed off.

Next Mr. Nurse pulled out his cell and I hear (from my blatant eavesdropping) that he is upset that his wife and one-week old baby are stuck in another state with a dying cell phone.  He’s concerned yet angry.  His exact words: “Who is stupid enough to not watch the news and see it’s flooding and then go out with a newborn!”  This was said to his “Ma” and then he hung up.  Now he is across the lobby and I think he may cry.


Surgeon just came out and Wade is good.  He’ll have to sleep it off for about an hour and then we can go home.

There is an entire Asian family in the waiting room.  Mom, Grandma, some siblings and a young kid… maybe 1 1/2 years old?  The little girl is running around this place like she owns the joint.  She keeps moving stools from the play area and she’s running around with hospital brochures.  Rather then telling her to put her butt in a chair and hold still, the grandma keeps sort of “hissing” at her. It’s is highly ineffective.


Need to go drop of Wade’s prescription. I’ll be back!


~ by zuzu on March 31, 2010.

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