Live Blogging Part II


Wow! I was barely gone 20 minutes and the waiting room is packed!  This must be the hot time to pick up your patient.  I have been displaced to the far corned of the room…of course next to the toys.  Figures.  Thankfully the hissing grandma and child have departed and she was the only legitimate child here.  I should be Ok in this spot.  The kids area consists of:

* a little TV that is off
* 4 little stools that were previously running amock
* A table with nothing on it
* A weird castle/abacus with dragons on it.  There is also a Ronald MacDonald-wannabe king painted on the side.


The one TV has the History Channel playing.  Now that the show about gangs has ended, I suspect that all have lost interest in the programming.  Most of these people I feel have never even heard of the History Channel so they aren’t really getting it.  Some have even resorted to…gasp!….reading!!

I think I have just been spotted by Guy With Orchid.  He may know I’m up to no good over here.  I’ll now pretend to read as a decoy so no one else suspects that I may be writing about them.

Oh, come on Guy With Orchid! Who are you fooling?  You are not at all interested in the MLK documentary!  Stick to your pretzels and orchid.


~ by zuzu on March 31, 2010.

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