Just ducky.

I talk the big talk about how I live on farm and when it really comes down to it… it’s, well, true.  I do technically live on a (no longer operating) dairy farm. Our farm animals consist of :

  • (2) Domestic short-haired cats; (1) Un-Domestic short-haired cat
  • (1) Beagle
  • (1) Alaskan Malamute (who, in her defense, sometimes resembles a sheep)
  • a plethora of gophers
  • rabbits including a very large one I spotted this morning
  • sometimes (2) horses (when the neighbors electric fences fail)
  • a recently spotted 6′ black rat snake (which prompted us to consider moving immediately)
  • a smattering of chipmunks, mice, voles, other garden-variety rodents, etc.

I also have ZERO ability to keep a plant alive, so our gigantic garden is just a big ol’ waste. 

But there is one farm staple that I am desperate to have (alive, not as a meal).  And that, my friends, is a duck.  A male Mallard to be specific.  And I’ve done my research, so I think I’m ready. 

Wade and I visited a local farm equipment/chicken & duck proprietor last Spring and I learned that ducks are easy to come by and the are CHEAP!  Baby ducks are in the price range of about $4 each.  (Chickens are about $1.25) According this store, one can find all the info they need to know about raising chickens – which is supposedly interchangeable with ducks – right here:  Chicken One-Sheeter  (please click…you need to have the full effect)

I am skeptical. 

Last year for my birthday, Wade got me this:

When I opened the package with the book in it, I was instantly expecting there to be a duck in the bag too.  Not so much.  I was tasked with learning, living and loving this book and then I can get a duck. 

So here we are…Springtime.   It’s the best time to buy baby ducks.  And (fingers crossed), I just may be the proud mama of a couple of baby Mallards very soon.  I’ll keep you posted! 

I may just be a farm girl afterall.


~ by zuzu on April 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Just ducky.”

  1. i can’t wait for you to get your quackers!
    i’m going to a class sunday on raising your own backyard urban chickens.

  2. Ducks! What fun. Can’t wait for the snapshots.

  3. REALLY????? I am JEALOUS! I have always wanted ducks, but really no place to keep them, which is why I claimed the ducks that lived in the old pond as “mine.” You will definitely be Matthew’s favorite Auntie if I tell him that you are a duck Momma!

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