Frickin’ Dogs

I got sucked into a House marathon last weekend.  I don’t watch the show at its normal time, but I’ve always wanted to be “into” House…mainly  because I’m very much “into” Hugh Laurie. 

The episode started off (as they all do) with the medical mystery scenario.  The mysterious patient was admitted to the hospital with his service dog.  Upon seeing the service dog, I immediately had a red flag that something was going to happen to the dog.  I should have changed the channel. 

I’m one of those people who cries at anything that involves sadness for an animal.  And when I cry, I CRY.  Full blown bawling my eyes out, inconsolable break down. 

So when I see this dog, I think that one of two things is going to happen:

     1. The dog is going to die.
     2. The patient is going to die and the dog is going to be sad and an orphan and then I’ll need to adopt him even though he’s a fictional dog. 

Not to spoil it for anyone in case you stumble upon the episode, but the dog dies.  It’s a horrible episode.  The patient and the dog die, but at least I don’t have to see a sad dog. 

And of course, upon his death, there was much crying.  Flood gates opened and I was a basket case. 

Meanwhile, Wade is hanging on the couch with Alex (asleep) on one side and Mabel (asleep) on the other.  I look at him and he’s looking back with the not-at-all-surprised-by-your-emotional-outburst look. 

I took a deep breath, pulled myself together and sighed, “Frickin’ Dogs! Every time!” 

On queue, both Alex and Mabel lift their heads and stare at me.  And I laughed, erasing my tears.


~ by zuzu on April 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Frickin’ Dogs”

  1. yes, frickin’ dogs.
    i get it. i really do. i’m the same way.

  2. I hears you. There’s something about animals (dogs in particular) getting hurt that hits you like watching a kid in a woodchipper (ew). I had a friend who, when her dog was around, would turn down the volume on this Eminem song when he talks about shooting a barking dog.

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